Mobile Display Ads: They’re Where It’s At

Mobile Display Ads: They’re Where It’s At

Mobile Display AdsMarketers recently have been weighing in on just how much m-commerce is affecting the modern marketplace–something that retailers and business really need to know.

According to research, mobile display ads will reach a spend share of 83% by 2018. This was higher than the 77% previously predicted in 2014. Ultimately, mobile ad shares and m-commerce have revolutionized how business is done.

Here’s how this information affects you:

1. Mobile Ads Are a Necessity

Most of the research predicting how mobile spend shares will increase is based on the performance of mobile search ads. Companies that are already using them are finding success, and now it’s your turn. So if you haven’t incorporated mobile ads yet, get started.

2. PCs Are Losing Out

As one might expect, since mobile is on the rise, desktop and e-commerce are taking a hit as a result. It may sound odd to say this so soon, but e-commerce is now seen as “traditional”’ and old; in fact, desktop business lost out on $1.5 billion in 2014. That’s a staggering sum, yet indicative of desktop commerce’s performance in the future–and all the more reason you should be focusing more efforts on m-commerce.

3. Google is Suffering

Perhaps surprisingly, Google is under threat from mobile commerce. Why? One word: apps. With the growth of mobile apps and the proliferation of mobile ads, Google is having a tough time keeping up with managing performance when it comes to this form of marketing. Therefore, you might want to judge your performance on all of your regular Google accounts.

Note that while Google is still doing well, it took a hit to mobile ad revenues in 2014 while other search engines, like Yelp and the Yellow Pages, grew.

4. Google is Rewarding

It seems that Google is aware of the growing m-commerce revolution, as they’ve recently changed their algorithm to accommodate it. That means that if you build up your m-commerce SEO and ad performance, your Google ranking will improve greatly. No doubt you will also see Google adjust their rewards system in the future to accommodate developments in mobile advertising.

5. There’s Uncertainty, but Mobile Observation is Necessary

No one can predict the future, be it in marketing or elsewhere. But based on all the information gathered, it’s fair to say that focusing your efforts on mobile and the likely changes awaiting it is necessary. M-commerce offers consumers an easier means of making purchases and provides you with a source of profits.

These days, where speed is key, people are using mobile technology as their preferred communication and commercial interface. While there’s no definite belief regarding how m-commerce will change in the future, mobile ads are unquestionably necessary for businesses to be successful.