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Why Your Business Should Be Present on Apple Maps

Apple Maps

Recently, Apple Maps made a few updates to its iOS software that may look a little bit familiar to Android users. Google has always been at the forefront of technological and software innovations, so it is no surprise that Apple is now playing catch-up by adopting a few tried-and-true features for its own wayfinding app.
Among these new updates are the “Look Around” feature which is basically the same as Google’s Street View option. Users can pick any location on the map and then open up a 360 degree street view that shows them what the immediate area looks like with the option of zooming in and out. You may be wondering what this has to do with your business’s online local listing optimization strategies. The answer is, a lot.
Just like Google, local SEO and Apple Maps are completely intertwined. The fact is that it’s another platform that is available for you to showcase your business and reach out to as many new users as possible. Along with every other conceivable social media and digital platform that currently exists, Apple Maps optimization can help your business reach new heights in terms of online rankings, brand recognition, and building a solid local SEO campaign. Here are a few reasons your business should have a strong presence on Apple Maps.

Millions of People Use Apple Maps

As of January of this year, there are over approximately 1 billion active Apple users worldwide across all devices including phones, tablets, laptops, and more. Considering the fact that the majority of online users search for small businesses online, creating an Apple Maps listing for your business increases your exposure levels and helps you widen your target audience margins exponentially. Google Maps may be one of the top navigational apps currently on the market, but with the new updates Apple Maps is making, the tortoise is finally catching up to the hare. Apple users are about three times more likely to use iOS applications as long as improvements keep being made.

Improve Your Local Searches

Since its inception back in 2012, Apple Maps has been fraught with many controversies and has lagged behind Google Maps. However, it is slowly picking up its stride and catching up to its technological counterpart to level the playing field in the wayfinding software market. In addition to the “Look Around” feature which provides up-to-the-minute accurate data about specific locations, iOS13 Apple Maps also includes a feature called Collections. Collections allows users to share their favourite local businesses with friends and family. Hence, listing your business on Apple Maps increases your opportunities for creating widespread user engagement.
Not only will Apple users be able to view your listings, but they can also rate your business, leave reviews, and create posts about their experiences. All of these engagements increase your online exposure and make it easier for other users to find and search for your business through local search.

Increase Customer Outreach

Creating multiple listings for your business across a wide range of platforms increases your exposure and customer outreach potential. It allows more users to easily search for, find, and engage with your business. Rather than being confined to just one software, platform, or application, users across a variety of platforms and devices can engage more openly with your business and find the information they are looking for.
However, it is important to maintain accuracy and consistency across all platforms that your business appears on. Make sure to continuously update all of your business information so that all users are made aware of any changes.

Take a Proactive Approach to Improve Local Search Results

If you want to improve your local search results, then you have to be proactive. Creating and cultivating multiple interconnected business listings across a variety of online platforms is just step one to getting your brand name out there. You also have to create meaningful, informative, and engaging content that users can relate to in order to attract and keep the attention of your target audience members.

Add Additional Details to Your Business Listing

An important aspect of taking a proactive approach to improving your local search results is adding as many pertinent details to your business listing as possible. Anything you can do to create a memorable and lasting impression on your existing and prospective customers is a bonus.
Apple Maps local listing optimization ensures that more users get to see your business listing and enables them to share information about your business with their friends, family, and followers across a plethora of different platforms. The more users that can view your business listing, the better your chances are of obtaining that coveted top ranking zero position on search engine results pages. For optimal search results, include the following information in your local business listing:

  • Business name (should be consistent across all listings)
  • Location(s)
  • Service areas if applicable
  • Business, service, and product description
  • Hours of operation
  • Contact information
  • Social media handles
  • Website links
  • Navigational links for Apple and Google Maps

Improve Local Citations

Another great way to increase your online visibility is by giving your local citations a much-needed boost. Local citations are essentially any mention of your business on the Internet. Whether it’s on social media, on another website, in a blog post, or even in the comment section of a post, local citations help increase your business’s online clout. Listing your business on Apple Maps in addition to a number of other popular online platforms increases visibility, shareability, accessibility, and engagement opportunities.

Implement a Solid Siri-Based Voice Search Strategy

Apple may have been lagging behind initially in the navigational app and platform space, but they’ve always been at the forefront of the virtual assistant and voice search initiative. Siri was the first state-of-the-art virtual assistant app that came fully integrated and pre-programmed into a number of Apple devices starting with iOS5 onward. It led the way for voice search to become one of the most widely used and convenient means of performing online searches. Users feel like they are talking to a real person and can actively engage with virtual assistants.

Get Expert Help with Your Apple Listing Optimization in the GTA

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