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SEO Services for Bail Bonds

Bails bondsmen and bail agents serve an important part in the justice system by offering key services to vulnerable defendants. However, good intentions alone do not support a business, which is why SEO services for bail bonds is so valuable. Through search engine optimization (SEO) and the services of an SEO expert for bail bonds, you will see enormous returns as your online profile is raised and more clients are attracted.

SEO Services for Bail Bonds

Common SEO Mistakes Bail Bondsmen Should Avoid

You are in the business of posting bonds not of web site optimization, so it is understandable that mistakes will happen when you try and go it alone. Here are some common pitfalls that you may run into without professional SEO services for local bail bondsmen.

Targeting the Wrong Keywords

An easy mistake, especially when starting out, is the targeting of the wrong keywords. Vague phrases like “bail” or “bondsman” may point searchers in your general direction, but they don’t offer the specificity needed to give enough positive results.

Not Optimizing Locally

It is unlikely that a bail bondsman in, say, Texas, is able to offer their services to someone living in Washington state. A key part of the SEO for local bail bondsmen is being able to attract local searches for your geographic area. This could mean being optimized for searches within your state, county, city, or even neighbourhood, through proper content and keyword use.

Keyword Stuffing

Being overeager with keywords will backfire in two ways. The first is that search engine algorithms will detect stuffing attempts and penalize your site’s ranking. The second is that some readers can detect when a web site is overusing keywords and this immediately lowers your appeal in their eyes.

Buying Dubious Links

There are numerous companies that will offer thousands of links to your site (normally good) for a modest price. While links are a good thing in SEO, this method of acquisition is not. Instead you will be scammed as shallow, sometimes hacked links are directed to your page. At best this will result in minimal traffic increases and at worst a search algorithm will realize what’s happening and penalize you.

Broken Links

Dubious links annoy search engines but broken ones are disliked by engines and visitors alike. The pages you post links to can change, be entered wrong, get moved, or get erased, and the older your web site is the greater the risk that you are inadvertently hosting a web link graveyard.

Not Blogging

Although optional, blogging can be an excellent way to stand out. Posting informative and thoughtful articles on subjects relating to bail, bonds, or the justice system in general helps establish your business as one that is knowledgeable and authoritative. It builds confidence and trust while also helping educate possible clients.

SEO for Local Bail Bonds Web Sites

Even if you aren’t making common SEO mistakes, your bail bonds business might still not be making the correct moves. Here are some ideas on how to improve your local SEO for bail bonds.

Know Your Customer

Understanding the demographics, geography, common bail ranges, and other traits of your customers can help you set your goals and plan out your content and keywords to be better tailored. By focusing rather than casting a wide net, you can see better results.

Responsive Web Sites

People access the web from more than just a desktop, and web sites need to accommodate the wide variety of devices being used. People can be anywhere when they find out they have to post bail for someone, and there is no set device they will use. Having your web site easily readable on a smartphone or tablet is part of responsive design and goes a long way to reducing your bounce rate. Your site should also be easy to navigate, especially since anyone needing your services is likely in a bit of a hurry.

Phone Number

Don’t leave your contact information for the “About Us” page. Keeping your phone number visible on the web site makes it easy for people to place a face or voice behind your business.

Get Expert Help

Shady SEO offers come in more forms than just easy links. Going for big promises backed by black-hat techniques only hurts you in the long run. To avoid this, make sure you are engaging proper SEO experts for bail bonds who know the tried, true, and legitimate ways to improve the local search visibility of a bail bondsman.

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