8 Reasons Why You Should Use Email Marketing

8 Reasons Why You Should Use E-Mail Marketing

E­Mail MarketingA large company can afford to use a lot of high-end advertising techniques, but if you’re a smaller business without the means or funds to advertise, you don’t have a lot of options.

However, one viable option is e-mail marketing. Many companies brush it off as too difficult or gimmicky, but the truth is that e-mail marketing is a very powerful tool, especially in today’s e- and m-commerce-centric world. Here are a few reasons why:

1.  It’s Highly Targeted

You want to reach the right people, and e-mail marketing can do just that. Once you acquire your clients’ e-mail addresses and research the sort of products they like to buy, you can create segmented e-mail lists in order to send e-marketing that matches their interests. There is listing software available that can be used to create these lists in an organized and efficient manner.

2.  It Creates Brand Awareness

Even if you don’t get an immediate response to your e-mails or the recipients delete them, you are still creating your own brand awareness. By receiving your messages, people are learning about your company while you put forward a positive image of yourself. And provided your e-mail marketing maintains a strong focus on producing high-quality content with tips, information, and visuals, they won’t forget about your business once your services are needed.

3.  It’s Easily Shareable

With e-mail marketing, a single message is seen by multiple people, easily drawing your business’ information into the public light. While there may be a lot of disposable content online, it’s important to be part of the constant flow of content, and the more of it you produce in the form of e-mails, the more it gets passed on and the more people see it. Having said that, be sure that you’re not marketing too often, as too many e-mails may be considered a nuisance by those receiving them. You also want to be sure that you’re putting your best foot forward, so try to emphasize quality over quantity. Plus, if you provide quality content and news, it’s more likely your recipients will share it.

4.  It Has a Tangible ROI

It’s always hard to measure success from marketing materials, especially older kinds, such as trade print ads or outdoor banners. But with e-mail marketing, you can easily access information about your return on investment (ROI). This includes response measurements, data about who has been clicking on your links, responses regarding purchases, and where viewers got the marketing information in the first place. Keep tabs on when campaigns are released and which get the largest response in order to see what trends to improve on in future campaigns.

5.  It Creates More Frequent Communications

Old-school marketing materials are often seen as cold and ineffectual, but e-mail marketing allows clients to engage companies directly. Customers can ask questions and make requests to your business directly via your e-mails, which should contain links to do so. And if complaints or communication issues arise, they will be faster and easier to address. This easy communication can even drive more traffic to your material, improving your SEO in the process.

6.  It Turns One-Time Customers into Long-Term Relationships

Along with constant communication and interaction with customers, e-mail marketing strengthens business-to-consumer (B2C) relationships. By being on your e-mail list, clients get your updates and messages as necessary and both sides can engage the other more directly. And once you start determining their buying habits, you present them with products they’re more likely to want, meaning you’re able to help build stronger, long-term relationships with what may have been one-time customers before.

7.  It’s Cost-Effective

It’s not easy to save money in advertising; even the savviest online and print marketing campaigns can suck up a company’s budget. E-mail marketing doesn’t have this problem, however, as there’s no postage design costs or shipping fees. What this means is that you’re risking less money in the hopes of drawing in more business. While you always hope to generate lots of revenue from your marketing campaigns, it’s comforting to know that you aren’t risking too much capital to draw in sales. In fact the Direct Marketing Association recently reported that for every dollar spent on e-mail marketing, $40.00 is gained; what better incentive is there to take advantage of e-mail marketing?

8.  It Increases Sales Conversions

With any marketing campaign, you create, design, target, and test content, and then wait for the results. It can often seem like a crapshoot, but e-mail marketing is known for high returns. And now that m-commerce is popular, e-mails are reaching even more people; recent statistics even show that sales conversions via e-mail marketing have never been stronger.

Information-laden marketing messages that reach people directly will greatly benefit your business. That makes e-mail marketing a valuable tool for building your brand and fostering strong client relationships.