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Tips to Improve Your Online Marketing Strategies

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While online marketing practices have certainly taken precedence over physical branding in today’s modern world, there’s no doubt that in some ways the two media can converge to find a common middle ground. Since we live in very precarious times right now where social media and other online platforms appeal the most to the younger generations, but physical advertisements are still the most effective form of branding for older generations, it’s important to find a way to reach all demographics equally. Perhaps the most effective and unique way to accomplish this goal is for companies to split the focus between online and physical branding evenly and make sure both avenues are given an equal amount of attention and effort as needed.
If you’re not already investing time and money in prominent online marketing tactics, then it’s time that you work towards brushing up on your social media skills and learn how to integrate these strategies into your physical branding approach as well.

Google and QR Codes

QR codes are some of the most effective branding and marketing strategies that have emerged from the world of online brand awareness. They’re unique codes that are strictly related to specific URLs. You can create to link back to certain web pages or reviews that either appear on your web site or third party web sites. For instance, if you want customers to gain access to your company reviews online while they’re on-the-go, all you have to do is include a QR code in your physical advertising campaigns. Anyone who sees them and wants to learn more about your brand simply has to scan the code with their smart phone and they’ll automatically be directed to the exact web page embedded in the QR code. It really is that simple to amalgamate the nuances of online and physical advertising while also establishing strong brand awareness. The best part is that you can print QR codes on any form of physical advertising, whether it’s billboards, flyers, posters, or on business cards.

Use Business Logos

Another highly effective form of advertising that’s commonly used by every marketing agency in the world is recognizable brand logos. They’re used in pretty much every industry you can think of from automobiles to coffee shops to electronics. Sometimes, the company’s name doesn’t even have to be visible for consumers to know the brand name. All you have to see is the logo and you automatically know which company manufactured the product you’re looking at. That’s a prime example of brand awareness. In a lot of cases, consumers do it subconsciously because certain brand logos that have been around for a number of years have been embedded in their psyche. For instance, you can probably tell the make of a car simply by glancing at the logo on the front without having to read the name on the back. It’s become second nature for so many people that they can do it without even having to think about it anymore.
In the same vein, you should be advertising your social media handles and hashtags as if they were your brand logos. Put them on literally every piece of merchandise or promotional advertising you give to your clients. Pens, tote bags, pins, and buttons are all prime real estate for online advertising to take effect.

Personalized Marketing Materials

Distributing personalized marketing materials to your customers or prospective clients might seem like an old fashioned form of marketing, but believe it or not having your company name and logo on specialty items is still as effective now as it ever was! T-shirts, pens, stationary, pins, tote bags, and pins should all be branded with your company’s name and motto so that every time your customers use these items, they’ll think of your brand. Whether you hand them out at your place of business, sell them online, or give them away as freebies at tradeshows and other events where your business is on full display, this is a great way to leave a positive impression with your target demographic. Even if they don’t buy anything from you immediately, they’ll eventually gravitate back towards your business when the need arises.

Elevate Your Social Media Skills in Real Life

As any savvy advertising agency would advise you, there’s absolutely no harm or shame in asking your customers to support your business online, even if it just means following you on one or all of your social media platforms. More often than not, if customers are truly interested in learning more about your business or purchasing products and services from you, they’ll gladly take the time to show their support online. This is a great way to inform them about special promotions and offer incentives for your customers to continue supporting your business. For instance, you can offer giveaways or entice them to follow you online with excellent incentives. A lot of companies these days will give discounts or coupons to customers who tag a friend in their posts or share certain posts, which effectively keeps customers and followers alike engaged.

Participate in Tradeshows and Other Major Events

Whenever the opportunity presents itself for you to meet with people face-to-face to discuss your products and services, you should take it. This is an excellent way to supplement your online advertising efforts and help your clients associate a friendly face and personality with the name of your business. With the world being overtaken by large corporations, it seems as if a lot of people are reverting back to their nostalgic sentimentalities that are attached to helping small mom and pop businesses make their way in the world. The problem is that it’s incredibly difficult for small businesses to keep up with large corporations in this fast paced world that’s dominated by online marketing efforts. That’s why it’s important to leverage your social media advertising in conjunction with in-person and physical marketing so that your target audience can quickly become aware of your business.
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