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PPC Trends to Watch For 2018


As 2018 is already underway, it’s time to start thinking about how your current search engine marketing team in Toronto is planning on updating and optimizing your current online advertising strategies. Which trends should you focus on implementing into your online marketing strategy in 2018? How will they affect your overall bottom line? Keep reading to learn all about the paid advertising services that will be making the biggest waves this year.

Audience Targeting

From the very beginning, audience targeting has always been instrumental in helping companies accumulate a strong online following. You should always be researching exactly what your target audience is looking for and make sure to deliver exactly that. Focus more on what’s trending at all times in your industry and improving user experience rather than simply trying to increase revenue on your web site. This entails producing high-quality content that’ll naturally attract meaningful leads and traffic to your web site.

More Advanced Automation Tools Will Be Used

Marketers will continue to use advanced automation tools to test the overall usability, navigability, and outcomes of their web sites and whether they comply with the needs and experiences of their target audiences. These tests will accurately predict search query and application outcomes based on more realistic scenarios.

Speed Will Always Matter

In recent years, mobile and tablet data usage has far surpassed desktop Internet usage. This means that marketers need to be more attuned to the needs of their users by guaranteeing that their web sites are compatible across all device platforms and that loading times are kept to an absolute minimum. With new devices constantly coming out, mobile device sales are constantly increasing while attention spans are rapidly declining. Users quickly lose interest and navigate elsewhere if a web site takes longer than about four seconds to load.

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

Since more people are using mobile devices to conduct quick and simple search queries, it’s imperative that you delegate a great deal of your online marketing resources to improving and maintaining your web site’s mobile compatibility and readability. It’s predicted that within the next year, this trend will continue to gain momentum and that in the near future, very few people will be using desktop computers, if any at all.

Structured Data Will Be Indispensible

The implementation of the mobile-first index will mean that structured data will matter more than ever. Users will want quick and easily accessible answers to all of their search queries rather than having to sift through seemingly endless long-form articles with very few breaks. For the sake of convenience and readability, your web site should be easy to navigate and the content should be well-written and organized. Otherwise, you risk losing potentially meaningful leads to your competitors. Information should be concise and easy to locate within seconds on your web site or within your content. This is where effective and relevant keyword application can come in handy.

Voice And Visual Search Will Impact User Behaviour

Voice and visual searches will continue to affect user behaviour as everyone is constantly on-the-go these days. Professional pay-per-click services in Toronto can help you instill voice search commands in your applications that effectively mimic true-to-form speaking patterns of actual people and lead them directly to your web site by improving your rankings.
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