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How the Opportunity Tab Enhances Your Campaign Performance

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For inexperienced online advertisers, the Google AdWords Opportunities tab may seem like an excellent blessing in disguise. As with all AdWords tools, the Opportunities tab is specifically designed to analyze and interpret your advertising data and help you improve your PPC practices in order to better optimize your ads. Google provides you with recommendations on how to improve the visibility of your ads and increase conversion rates by analyzing statistics from the past week. Of course, as with all business practices, you should always take these recommendations and suggestions with a grain of salt and use your best judgment when implementing them in your online advertising practices.

Everything You Need to Know about the Opportunities Tab

The Google AdWords Opportunities tab is meant to help online advertisers better optimize their ads by making recommendations, such as adjusting bids, refreshing keyword targeting lists, adjusting ad scheduling and location bids, and even creating a negative keywords list just to name a few. Although this sounds like an excellent idea on the surface and it can be very lucrative if used wisely it’s not without its limitations.

For starters, the Opportunities tab only reviews data from the past seven days for its recommendations, which means that the information isn’t always complete, accurate, relevant, useful, or reflective of a broad spectrum of your online ad revenues. Therefore, the Opportunities tab could encourage you to increase your daily bids and budgets based on data accumulated from a particularly busy and anomalous week, which could end up hurting your ROI. While it’s a very useful online advertising tool in the sense that it helps you track your weekly online marketing statistics, you should always take the suggestions offered by Google with a grain of salt and use your business savvy in the decision-making process.

Performance Estimates

Even though the current performance estimates time is limited to the past seven days, that doesn’t mean there won’t be more expansions in the future. Google is always taking innovative steps to improve its tools so that advertisers can get the most out of AdWords. It’s in your best interests to use the seven-day data analyses to your advantage by tracking your highest campaign performances days and times for several weeks to see if the recommendations are still the same. If they are, then this means Google may have caught on to an interesting trend that could be useful to optimizing your ads.

Refresh Your Campaigns through Research

In the world of online marketing and advertising, knowledge is power; and it helps to have a clear idea of which strategies are working wonders for your campaigns and which ones are hindering them. If used carefully, the Opportunities tab can help you refresh all of the ad groups within your AdWords account simply by making a few calculated bid adjustments, renewing your keywords list every once in a while, and encouraging you to add sitelinks or call extensions wherever they’re needed. Keep in mind that Google uses strictly data-driven information and it doesn’t have the human capabilities of making certain distinctions from one quarter to another, so you do need to carefully consider each suggestion before taking the leap. If Google makes a suggestion that you’re not absolutely certain will benefit your bottom line, then you don’t have to use it.

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