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Everything You Need to Know about Bing’s Automated Imports

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Ever since Bing Ads first introduced its famous campaign importing feature into its arsenal back in 2013, it has helped online advertisers and marketers to easily track ad campaigns across multiple platforms, most notably Google AdWords. Recently, Bing updated the feature to seamlessly run automated imports from Google AdWords to Bing Ads at the behest of the advertiser. This improvement not only makes it easier for advertisers to track and make changes to existing similar or identical ad campaigns under both programs, but it also facilitates a smoother transition from one program to the other.

How to Sync Bing Ads Campaigns with AdWords

Here is how the step-by-step process works:
Sign in to your Bing Ads account.
The click on “Sign in to Google” and enter your login information.
Select the AdWords campaigns you want to import to Bing Ads.
Click “Import Options” to make any necessary changes to the ad campaigns before importing.
Once you have done this, you will see a variety of options. You select to either import now, import at a later date as a one-off, or you can set a recurring import schedule that runs daily, weekly, or monthly.
This way, Bing Ads automated imports gives the advertiser greater control over their multiple ad campaigns and content by allowing them to set the rules themselves. Despite the added convenience of this nifty tool, it is still up to the advertiser to use it with discretion. Even though it is meant to make your job a little easier, that does not mean that the automated importing feature does not require any supervision. On the contrary, you should be periodically checking the imports to make sure that they are being properly translated from Google AdWords to Bing Ads in the desired manner, checking for any grammatical or formatting errors before the ads go live.

How to Schedule Automated Imports from Google AdWords

The Bing Ads automated imports features another useful tool that makes it easier for advertisers to keep track of which ads have already been imported, which ones are in the process of being imported, and which ads have yet to be imported. Bing used automated reports to send updates to advertisers to let them know the status of their ad imports and so they can keep track of any revisions they have made or need to make. Again, it is the sole responsibility of the advertiser to remain vigilant in making sure the correct changes are made live. Through the settings tab, advertisers have the option to delete unwanted imports or to pause them if further revisions are needed. One thing to always keep in mind is that Bing Ads might not always perform the same way as Google AdWords does and vice-versa. But experienced online advertisers and PPC experts should not be surprised by this fact because they know that both advertising platforms have different users all over the world.

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