4 Things to Consider When Building a Digital Marketing Strategy for 2017

What to Consider When Building a Digital Marketing Strategy for 2017

Digital-Marketing-strategyThe new year is almost upon us, but now is not the time to start resting on your laurels. Marketing and advertising are constantly changing, so now is the time to adjust your digital marketing strategies for 2017. In addition to trends in digital marketing itself, this past year has seen developments in social media marketing, content optimization, and other types of advertising and consumer trends that will carry forward and build as the calendar turns over. Recognizing these shifts now, and developing your digital marketing strategy accordingly, is a key step towards starting 2017 out on the right foot.

1. Mobile Marketing

It has been said time and time again that mobile use is on the rise and increasingly large numbers of consumers are doing their searching on smartphones, tablets, and similar devices. This consumer trend hasn’t stopped and is going to keep on growing throughout 2017. If you haven’t yet started developing a strategy for mobile device marketing, it’s time to start scrambling before you truly get left behind. For other companies, now is a good time to take a look at how resources are allocated between mobile marketing and other avenues and adjust accordingly.

2. Analyze Your Company’s Position

Although not a digital marketing trend per se, the new year is a good time to do some competitive research. By taking a fresh, directed look at where your company sits compared to others in the same landscape, you can get some perspective on what your goals might be for the coming year. Have you managed to overtake a competitor? Great! Build on that and keep going strong. Is another company showing some impressive progress? Take a look at what they’ve been up to and see if anything can be extracted to improve your own operations.

3. Use Social Media to Get Closer to Users

Social media has not abated in popularity and platforms are growing increasingly sophisticated in the ways they allow users to interact and the types of marketing they can support. Both developments are trends worth taking note of for 2017. Social media marketing allows you to enhance your brand by creating conversations, understanding and responding to the thoughts of consumers, and otherwise being an actual person rather than a logo and a slogan. These channels also allow you to learn about trending topics and issues that may provide opportunities to insert, or at least shape, your message.

4. Shift Towards Video Ads

Video ads have never been easy but Google has been showing a healthy growth in searches related to live streaming or video content. This suggests that content optimization should start including video elements in addition to traditional text or graphical ones. Although not all business can (or should) opt for live streams as their video medium of choice, there are certainly other options to pursue. Video tutorials, how-to guides, or informational clips are just some of the ways video can be part of your digital marketing strategy for 2017.

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