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How to Boost Your Display Campaign’s Performance

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Google’s Display Network (GDN) reaches 90% of Internet users and includes over two million publisher web sites, making it a great tool to raise awareness for your brand and improve your conversion rate. Here is a list of several tips to implement to get the most out of your display campaigns.

Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Display Campaigns

There are some great ways to optimize your display campaign. Some of these methods include excluding mobile and tablet in-app traffic, laying on targeting options, including text ads in addition to image-based ads, adjusting ad delivery settings by using the “optimize for conversations” feature on GDN, excluding unwanted site categories and placements, and remarketing to your audience sooner rather than later.

How to Create Search and Display Campaigns

Companies that have already established themselves using AdWords or similar programs have actively-searching customers, but newer or niche businesses need to find a way to gain traffic to their products and services. Display targeting is a great way for advertisers, old and new, to grab consumers’ initial and continued interest in their product. GDN is the perfect tool for the job as it shows your ad on 120 of the top 200 high-traffic sites, including YouTube, Blogger, Gmail, and Google Play. GDN serves over two trillion ad impressions monthly, to 2.5 billion Internet users, across over two million web sites.

How to Perform Topic Targeting for Ad Placements

Topic targeting is another method to help bring your ads traffic. The process works by allowing you to target all sites and pages about the specific topic of your ad. Using GDN, it’s as easy as selecting the categories that apply (e.g., Arts & Entertainment, Beauty & Fitness, News, Sports, Travel, etc.).

Improve Display Targeting to Boost Campaign Performance

To make sure the ad is reaching the right audience, GDN utilizes the right web site-based targets, user-based targets, managed placements, topic targeting, keyword contextual targeting (similar content), remarketing to high-value visitors, similar audiences, in-market audiences, interests, and affinity targeting.
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