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Best Competitive Paid Search Strategies in 2017

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Facts to Know about Competitive Conquesting Advertising

If you’ve ever wanted to get ahead of your competitors and gain more customers, there are several competitive paid search strategies that can help. Corporate feuds like Coca-Cola vs. Pepsi, Xbox vs. PlayStation, or Microsoft vs. Apple, means the companies have a huge challenge to stay ahead of each other in the race to first place, and you can implement certain strategies such as keyword targeting and using the Google Display Network to give your business a boost off of your competitor’s success. How is this possible?

Use Keyword Targeting Best Practices

One competitive and compelling advertising strategy that quickly produces results is to target people who have interest in the products or services your competitor sells. Paid search conquesting allows you to bid on your competitor’s brand or product names. This way, brands with less popularity can draw conversion from bigger companies with more product awareness. Whether you use ads on Gmail, YouTube, or Facebook, you can do keyword targeting on your competitor’s brand terms. When a customer starts searching for your competitor’s products, they will be led to yours. Target names of your competitor’s products and purchase consideration keywords, and exclude modifiers that are irrelevant. This simple tip can make a drastic difference to the success of your keyword strategy.

Google AdWords Competitor Analysis

Regular competitor analysis can encourage performance and increase creativity when you are creating a paid search account. Google AdWords can provide these reports to advertisers thanks to several features, which include AdWords Opportunities Tab, AdWords Keyword Planner, and AdWords Auctions Insight Report.
It is also important to consider compelling content. Users searching for specific brands or products enjoy being drawn to click other links that are different than their original search. Attracting users to your links this way isn’t an easy task, but it is possible by targeting and mapping the keyword modifiers to attributes of your own products or brand. If you offer similar or better features than your competitors, make that clear in your ad copy.

Reach Competitors through Google Display Network

Google is known for its incredible display ad technology. One feature on the Google Display Network (GDN) that can help you is the Custom Affinity Audience feature, which lets you target a pre-set and more receptive audience. Target the home page of your competitor, and AdWords will work its magic. Using GDN will get the right people familiar with your brand and your services or products. With the right message, you can hope to gain business off of your competitors and experience growth like never before.

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