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How to Benefit from Google’s Display Planner Tool

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Google’s Display Planner is an innovative and useful tool that helps you better manage your online advertisements in the Display Network. With this tool you can track all of your ad placements because it provides detailed updates and reports on how each ad is faring in its designated web site placement. Based on these observations, this display campaign optimizer offers helpful suggestions on how you can improve each ad to render your desired results and effectively reach your AdWords target audience through converted clicks.

How the Display Planner Tool Works

The display planner tool is arguably one of the most beneficial tools that AdWords has to offer because it analyzes historical data based on user activity as well as the past achievements and failures of your ads. This information allows it to make methodical recommendations on how you can use your ads more effectively to properly reach your target demographics and convert clicks into revenue.
You can even use the ad placement component and suggested keywords to combine similar ad groups and place them where they’ll be the most effective for your ad display campaigns. The main idea here is to make sure your ads are being viewed by as many potential customers as possible. To accomplish this and make sure that you’re reaching the right users, you need to strategically place your ads on popular and widely used web sites. YouTube and Facebook are prime examples because they allow advertisers to engage in targeted branding so that only relevant and real potential customers will be able to view their ads. Once again, this is all based on historical data and things users have shown interest in or searched for in the past.

What Are the Benefits of the Display Planner?

The saying “knowledge is power” is highly relevant in this respect. The display planner puts you 10 steps ahead of your competition because it helps you get into the heads of your intended audience by predicting what they want and what they’ll search for before they even do it. This information is pertinent not only in attracting a large quantity of potential customers to your business, but more importantly, it’s instrumental in attracting the right customer base to your business.
After all, leads are worthless if they don’t have the potential to increase your bottom line. On the other hand, even if certain users who view your ads don’t purchase your products themselves, there’s always the offhand chance they might refer their friends to your company. Knowing your audience and what they want in advance will get you ahead of the game and the AdWords audience targeting feature can help you get there.
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