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Advantages of Applying Negative Bid Modifiers in AdWords Campaigns

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Bid modifiers are an excellent tool to use in conjunction with your AdWords campaigns to help elevate your Google ads and make them more visible and easily accessible to your online target audiences. They serve as a means to save you money on your online advertisements by helping you identify both positive and negative trends that pertain to your ads and using them to your advantage. You can use this data to keep your ad expenditures low and your ROIs high. Positive bid modifiers allow you to identify keywords and other factors such as location, date, time of day, and device settings that yield the most favourable results for each of your ads. Negative bid modifiers have the opposite, but equally beneficial effect on your PPC campaign. By accurately identifying which factors have a negative or indifferent impact on your campaign, you can effectively eliminate them from your ad campaigns and avoid spending more money on negative keywords that hinder your revenue.

Keep Your Account Structure Simple

The best way to use negative bid modifiers to your advantage is by maintaining a relatively simple account structure so everyone on your online marketing team benefits. It’s important to make sure that all of your Google ads are highly visible across multiple device platforms including desktop computers, mobile devices, laptops, and various types of tablets. You can activate device visibility from the AdWords device bidding feature in your account. However, keep in mind that not all of these device capabilities will yield the exact same search results or ROI for your ads. In some cases, depending on a person’s location or even time of day, visibility might be higher than for others and this could skew your data. The good news is that you can actually track which ads are faring better than others on different device platforms and which demographics are being reached the most effectively from each type of device. You can then easily spot trends on each device and make the appropriate desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile bid adjustments to suit your individual ad campaigns.

Negative Bid Modifiers Improve Enhanced Campaigns’ Transitions

You can use the AdWords bid adjustment calculator to accurately identify which keywords, locations, and ad schedules are having a significantly negative impact on your ad campaigns. Over time, this tool can be used to make adjustments based on the most current data available and it can be updated periodically either automatically or manually. Manual updates are recommended because it gives you more control and awareness over the settings in your various ad campaigns and allows you to actively keep track of your data. This makes for a much smoother transition for your enhanced campaign whenever Google implements AdWords updates.

Negative Bid Modifiers Provide Effective Conversion Percentage

Ultimately, negative bid modifiers can reduce your risk of overspending on your various ad campaigns in AdWords. This way, you can focus on enticing your target audiences online potential customers or consumers that are the most likely to actually purchase your products or services. Essentially, negative bid modifiers help you engage in a more lucrative and successful process of elimination for your ad campaigns. You can avoid using irrelevant keywords, establish the locations in which your business is in the highest demand, and recognize the right days and times of day when people are most likely to search for whatever you have to offer. All of this information will have an overall positive impact on your online conversion percentages.
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