Client Content Marketing Questionnaire

Client Content Marketing Questionnaire

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    How do you want to capture your audience? What is your call to action (e.g., directing them to a form, having them contact you directly, having them register to a list or signup for a course, etc.)?

    Are there any breakthroughs or news in your industry that you’d like to comment on?

    Are there any industry reports or studies (including monthly reports, statistics releases, etc.) that your company could comment on?

    Is there anything in the news in general that you can relate back to your company?

    Are there any developments within your own company that you’d like to announce (location, staffing, promotions, new products, or services)?

    Has your company signed on any new clients?

    Has your company hit or will it soon be hitting any major milestones (anniversary, sales, objectives, etc.)?

    Are there any new trends in your industry worth noting?

    Is there any one product or service you want to focus on or feature?

    Are any of your products or services seasonal or holiday-specific?

    Are there any industry- or association-specific restrictions for content production (e.g., can’t claim to be the best) or anything you’d like to avoid including in your content pieces?