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What Are Content Experiences in Content Marketing?

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Traditional marketing strategies take customer experience into account when it comes to determining the overall success of each ad campaign. Customer experience is a crucial component of any marketing campaign because it measures the perception customers have of your business.

The same can be said for content experiences in content marketing. Every step you take to attract more views to your website and increase your ranking on SERPs or to boost your brand awareness creates a unique content experience for your users. Whether you realize it or not, you’re sending a specific message through all of your efforts.

Isn’t it better to take control of what that message is, how it’s delivered, and how it’s ultimately perceived?

Producing content with the user’s perception in mind accomplishes all of those things and helps you retain control over how your content is shared and used in the future as well.

What Is a Content Experience?

The concept of content experience was first introduced by author Randy Frisch in his 2019 book F*** Content Marketing: Focus on Content Experience. He says that “content experience is (1) the environment in which your content lives, (2) how it’s structured, and (3) how it compels your prospects and customers to engage with your company”.

Frisch goes on to explain that in order for your content to achieve its goals, you need to establish an accessible environment in which your content can be easily consumed. Content structure should be clear and organized, so that search engines such as Google can identify and access it easily. Lastly, you need to openly encourage your target audience members to engage with your brand and give them the simple means to do so as they embark on the “buyer’s journey”. Ultimately, this journey should lead to higher conversion rates.

What’s the Difference between Content Experience and Content Marketing?

Basically, content experience is quickly becoming a core component of successful content marketing. Think of content marketing as the bigger picture and content experience is the final piece of the puzzle that brings everything together.

In the past, prior to product launches, marketers would host focus groups to gain real-world insight into how customers would react to their products. Depending on the type of product it was, some customers got to take it home and use it for a few days before filling out a survey or meeting with the rest of the group to discuss their experiences in a controlled setting. The insight customers gave was then taken into account by marketing directors and used to make necessary product improvements or determine the fate of the product in question.

Content experience can be thought of in the same way. It defines how users, customers, and prospective customers perceive not only your digital advertising efforts or your products, but how they interact with your brand on various levels. It’s a measure of how successful your content marketing strategies are and indicates whether engaging with your brand adds any level of value to your customers’ daily lives.
The idea is to use your content marketing insights to create a unique, memorable, and positive content experience and engagement with your target audience members.

Once you’ve reeled them in with your excellent content marketing strategies, the challenge is to then keep them hooked and prevent your competitors from swooping in an poaching your customers at any given time. For that reason, it’s also important to have a solid customer retention strategy in place as well.

Why Should You Invest in Content Experience?

Content experience isn’t static. Much like your customers’ viewpoints, sentimentalities, and preferences, it’s an ever-changing phenomenon that requires ongoing adjustments and improvements on your part. Pay attention to how your target audience members interact with your brand and content marketing endeavours at any given moment.

Something as simple as their temperaments can impact the interaction they have with your brand. For instance, if a customer happens to be in a good or bad mood for a totally unrelated reason, that will inevitably have an effect on how they interact with your brand in that moment. There’s not much you can do about that because it’s simply human nature and out of your hands.

What you can do, however, is work to ensure that you’re providing the most satisfying, easily accessible, and memorable content experience for anyone who interacts with your brand either through social media or on your website. Create unique content that encourages users to actively participate or engage in your online marketing efforts. This will help elevate your brand and maybe even bring a little joy to people’s lives.

How to Create a Rich Content Experience

Whether your goal is to increase customer acquisition, retention, or engagement with your brand, here are some great content marketing tips to help you get there.

Work on Content Collaboration

Successful content collaboration entails working with other like-minded brands and marketing professionals to deliver the highest possible content to your users. Brand and content collaborations can include inviting guest bloggers to contribute to your website as well as working with renowned content creators and web designers to elevate your online presence.

Make Sure Your Website Is Responsive

Content experience is all about cultivating a positive buyer’s journey, which starts with creatively leading people to your website and guiding them through the process. To ensure a successful conversion and transaction, your website needs to be fully functional, fast-loading, secure, and above all, responsive. These elements are imperative to creating an overall positive content experience that guarantees repeat visits and sales.

Use Engaging Content Marketing Ideas and Personalized Experiences

Above all, you need unique and engaging content marketing ideas that speak directly to your target audience members. People like to feel special, not like they’re just another step on the ladder towards your success. It’s important to create a truly personalized and content experience that makes members of your target audience feel valued by your brand.

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