How to Tailor Your Blog Content for Local Search

How to Tailor Your Blog Content for Local Search

content marketing strategy for Local SEO For small businesses, local SEO is one of the most effective ways to achieve success in online marketing. Online marketing and web content have opened up new avenues for success, particularly for smaller businesses. While many businesses do not have the budgets for traditional advertising, content marketing offers a cost-effective way to reach thousands (or even millions) of new customers. Using blogs, videos, articles, and social media, businesses can connect with more people than ever before.

However, even with online marketing, smaller businesses have to compete against larger companies and corporations. This is why using a local strategy, targeting online content towards local customers and local searches, offers the most benefit to small businesses.

By tailoring online content for local business, smaller companies can gain an edge on competitors and reach the customers that are most beneficial. Here are some of the steps to make your content strategy more local-friendly.

Identify Local Search Terms

To drive web traffic from people in your area, you need to identify what search terms they are using to find your business (or other competing businesses). Using Google Analytics to determine what search terms are bringing people to your site, as well as online keyword tools, can help you determine what local keywords will be most effective. Typically, a local search term will pair your business with your city or town. For instance, a dance studio in Toronto may include keywords like “dance studio Toronto,” “dance Toronto,” and “dance classes Toronto.” These terms will help you target the people that are most likely to become customers of your business.

Research for Local Events

When events are happening in your area, they can present a great opportunity for your business. Local events will generate a large amount of web traffic, and this is a great way to get exposure. Writing blogs about the event, sponsoring a local charity race (and creating relevant content pieces), offering event-related content, and other similar strategies are a great way to gain notice and attract a lot of attention in a short period of time.

Use Social Media to Promote Your Blog Content

Social media is one of the more effective ways to drive traffic to your web site content. On social media pages, you have direct access to fans, customers, and people interested in your business. Targeting these people can be more effective than targeting search engine users, which will include a lot of people who are not your target audience. From social media pages, you can drive people to your web site and web content, increasing sales.

Attract Your Audience

One mistake that many businesses make is to focus only on local SEO, believing that if they use the right keywords, they will be able to market their business effectively. While this approach may have worked in the past, it is no longer considered an effective strategy. Not only does Google and other search engines penalize poorly-made content that relies on keywords, but internet users are unlikely to pay it much attention with the amount of other content out there. One of the best ways to have an effective web content strategy is to make engaging, informative, and entertaining content. Not only will this content appear higher in local searches, but it will be more likely to attract readers.

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