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Content Marketing Trends in 2017 and Beyond

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The content marketing trends and forecasts have revealed some helpful tips for businesses looking to boost their engagement with customers and increase sales. The 2017 BRB content marketing predictions show that trends involve social media, mobile devices, and automation. If you want to learn more about these content trends, here’s what you need to know.

Top Content Marketing Trends to Follow

Visual Content Marketing

Visual content marketing through social media platforms like Snapchat, Instagram, and Pinterest have skyrocketed in popularity and interest. It has become so fundamental to the web that social media platforms such as those mentioned were created specifically for visual content rather than text. If you still haven’t tapped into visual marketing, now is the time. Even if you don’t have design skills, there are endless free and paid apps and stock photos you can use to get creating. Video content is also evolving to be a standard expectation of marketing. YouTube, Facebook Live, and Twitter’s video options bring pictures to life and create a platform for you to briefly explain and showcase your products and services.

Mobile Engagement

Almost every teenager and adult has a mobile device even children are growing up with access to tablets and computers to play online games and watch interactive educational videos. Although past years have claimed to be the official year of mobile success, 2017 has even more advantages to explore. If your content is not easily digested on mobile technology, you will fall behind your competition. Making sure you are focusing on integrating your web site and brand online will boost your content exposure and give you a better opportunity to turn leads into faithful customers.

Focus on Niche Topics

Instead of writing a blog post about general topics, focus on a specific niche topic. For example, get rid of “how to gain more leads” and use “how to gain more leads using Instagram ads.” This will help you stand out and attract your niche audience, and you can build from there.

Content Quality Matters

Brands are looking to measure value over time spent on their web sites, and it has been predicted that content marketers will aim to boost the quality rather than the volume of content. Instead of creating large amounts of low-quality content, focus on perfecting the craft of producing content. This will allow you to rank better on Google (through targeted keywords) and get better reception from customers. The more a customer appreciates the quality of your content, the more likely they are to return and visit your site again.

Upgrade to Content Automation

There are multiple artificial intelligence platforms available that provide influencer search tools, author indices, editorial calendars, and content launch/ promotion tools. By scheduling posts and automating the sharing process of content to social media, you will be able to spread word of your products and services more efficiently. Integrating your social media with your web site is a great way to draw readers to your site for more information on an exciting post you shared on your Twitter or Snapchat.

Boost Your Content Marketing Strategy with Numero Uno

Having web site content that is of high quality, readable on mobile devices, and integrated with social media will help your business gain the leads it needs. A lack of traffic to your web site or obsolete or irrelevant content may deter customers away from your products and services and into the arms of your competitors. To prevent this from going on any longer, you can benefit from meeting with a content marketing agency in Toronto.
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