Blog Content Ideas to Boost Your Local Business's Web Site

Blog Content Ideas to Boost Your Local Business’s Web Site

Blog-Content-Ideas-to-Boost-Your-Local-Business's-Web-Site Local business web sites face a lot of competition when it comes to cultivating local search results and getting into the local three-pack. Running a blog can be a good way to help improve your local search profile and attract customers since with the right content, it can help establish your business’s competence and skills in the minds of those who have yet to engage your services. It is important to remember, however, that without a proper blog content strategy, you will not see the most optimal results.

A blog content strategy is exactly what it sounds like and is meant to help you plan out the types of content that you or your writers produce. A blog content strategy can be a broad-scale, guiding set of principles, or it can be a nitty-gritty outline that goes right down to the kind of font used in each subheading. Regardless of how broad or narrow you want your strategy to be, here are some tips that can help you make it effective.

Content Strategy Ideas for Improving Brand Visibility in Local Search Results

Identify Your Audience and Their Search Queries

One of the first steps to take when designing your blog content strategy is to make sure that you are writing about things your potential customers or audience are actually looking for. This means doing research on keywords and search terms. For instance, if you run a gym you might see how many people are using search phrases like “gyms in city name” or “affordable gym in city name” or “gyms near intersection.” You may also find more narrow ideas, such as people looking up specific forms of exercise (“gyms in city name with resistance trainers”). By looking for the terms that accurately describe your business, you can develop a list of the phrases you want to target. This doesn’t mean you need to wedge keywords in wherever they might fit—in fact this strategy can easily backfire—but it does mean you should be aware of how you phrase certain things. To go back to the gym example, writing a blog post that mentions “resistance trainers” instead of just “trainers” is one simple adjustment that can be made.

Associate Your Products or Services with Your Location

Location keywords are very useful for local business web sites since they effectively serve as a way of filtering out larger companies that might obstruct your local search results. However, you need to make sure that you are properly tying your brand to your locale. The more specific you can do this, the better. For example, consider the search phrase “pet groomers in north Houston.” If your blog content makes use of the phrase “pet groomers” or “north Houston” on their own, you have the potential to be found by someone using this phrase. However, your chances go up if you combine the terms and more closely tie your service to the location.

Leverage Local Events

There are a wide variety of community events that go on in most cities, especially larger ones. These offer ample opportunities to not only develop blog content that captures interest in community activities but the events themselves can serve as a way to raise awareness of your business. To use the pet grooming example again, imagine if Houston ran a marathon event or maybe an awareness campaign for depression. A pet groomer could write a blog about how pets can help combat loneliness and depression in vulnerable people or offer advice for those looking to get their pet cleaned up after a big outdoor run.

Consider Common Problems Your Audience Might Have

Regardless of your business model, industry, product, or service you offer, you likely also answer questions for customers or clients who come in. For every person you speak to who has a question, there are countless others wondering the same thing. More often than not, these individuals use Google to answer their query. The following are just a few quick examples of the sorts of blog articles you could write that are based on audience queries:

  • How-to guides for acquiring a service, using a product, or using a product for a specific task
  • Explanations about what certain industry terminology means
  • Descriptions of what benefits can actually come from certain services
  • FAQ guides

Case Studies About Customer Success

Anecdotes can be very persuasive and a case study is a formalized anecdote. By carefully explaining what problems your customer or client faced, how they engaged your product or service, and the specific way they were helped, you can deliver a powerful testimonial to your audience. This not only shows a real way in which your business helped someone in a potentially similar situation to themselves, it can give an idea of the kind of process they can expect if they do business with you.

List of Good and Bad Practices

There are always going to be bad actors in any industry. They can be the result of outright scams, legal but unethical practices, deceptive marketing, or just regular incompetence. By informing readers of what warning signs to look out for that signal a bad actor while letting them know how to identify the “good guys,” you will help ease fears, raise audience confidence, and further establish your own trustworthiness.

Talk About Industry Trends and News

No industry is truly stagnant. There are likely numerous developments going on in the form of advancing technologies, new business practices, new products, potential legislative changes or new laws, and whatever the big players in your field are up to. Any one of these topics can provide timely, actionable material to base a blog post around. A few possible examples:

  • If you run a gym, consider talking about new workout or exercise models or fads.
  • If you work in an industry that could be affected by pending legislation (financial, auto, etc.), consider discussing what effects the new law may or may not have.
  • Any scandals going on in your field? People always enjoy a good bit of gossip.
  • Are there any new inventions or tech developments that could change how your business is carried out or that could be incorporated for customer convenience?

Finding the Best Local SEO Agency

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