Top 13 Content Curation Tools for 2015

Top 13 Web Sites for Content Discovery, Curation, and Marketing

Sites and Services for Content CurationAs 2015 nears, many online marketers are looking for a new method to improve their efforts and get more traffic. And the experts of SEO are all currently pointing to a way to do just that: content curation.

If you’ve been to an art gallery or museum, you have an idea what content curation is—the collecting, sorting, and displaying of information about a particular topic. Today’s online marketing is all about having great visual content to display as a marketing tool, and while word content is useful, the addition of pictures, videos, and other visual material can add great power to your digital marketing strategy; this is the sort of content that you want to show off.

To help you out, here are some suggested sites and services for your content curation campaign:


If there’s only one site that your mom enjoys, it’s likely Pinterest. And with good reason; it’s the original curation site, allowing you to see all kinds of pictures and information on “boards,” organize these boards according to theme, and display each image’s location to viewers. Pinterest also allows you to display business pages, which you can use to show off and sell your wares right from your board.


A fully integrated reading tool for social media, Feedly is powered by a RSS feed and lets you read, share, and arrange—in other words, curate—online media. Feedly is also available as an app, which is great for mobile reading. If you visit its site, you’ll be amazed by the sheer amount of information available; from food to technology to entertainment, it’s all there.


If you want to create and share related content via social media to promote your company, Storify is for you. It’s easy to use; once you create an account, you’re immediately connected to a variety of social media and information sites. By just clicking on and dragging them to your account, you start building a content thread that represents your business. Other members can then share your material as you display your company and what it has to offer.


Interested in creating a magazine or a newsletter? If the answer is “yes,” then turn to is more than just a publication creation program; you can add not only your own content, but also relevant articles or blog postings, videos, and photos. What makes stand out, though, is its monitoring tool that alerts you to content from other sources, including your competitors, so you can both attract viewers and keep abreast of activity in your industry.


If you have a list of your favourite articles, blogs, or videos, you can put it to good use on Listly. Once you take curated lists and add them to Listly, creating a network, you can share those lists while continuously adding to them, likely using company material. People who enjoy your lists can share them across other sites and social media; this builds up your online community presence as people continue sharing your material.


We all have that one interest we like to know everything about. The trouble is when you lack a well-curated info source. With Pearl Trees, you can organize all of your information on a specific topic and share it with interested parties. Pearl Trees is almost like a specialty store for products and industry info.


If you have a professional network and really want to expand your brand’s presence, or wish to improve your SEO and generate greater sales leads, consider This site allows you to find quality content online via smart searches and add it to your social media networks. Your presence allows you to share the “scooped” content quickly and build up a curated page for both content and its creators, thereby giving your own content generators a regular workflow.


You might wish to put together informative content as part of your curation campaign. That’s a good move, and Bundlr is a good way to do it. Available on the web and as an app, Bundlr allows you to, as the title suggests, bundle media together. You can also sync with content storage spaces such as Dropbox to acquire even more information media when needed.

the tweeted times

Small businesses don’t necessarily have as much leverage to do content curation as larger ones, which have more money and infrastructure. But this doesn’t mean small businesses can’t do it at all. The Tweeted Times is great for small business interested in content curation, offering a site to find, create, and share related content in the form of a newsletter available to others in your Tweeted Times network. It’s also very mobile friendly, with your newsletter being easily sharable across mobile devices.


You may want to create an online sensation using a favourite topic, but Facebook and Twitter aren’t helping much because you can’t get specific enough. Addict-o-matic helps you with this by letting you create your own website about whatever topic you want and classify that site according to that topic. It also gives you access to additional content about that topic and lets you connect to other media that can be added to your account.


There are all sorts of content that gets neglected, including infographics and webinars. However, these and other powerful tools are offered in a very well-organized fashion by Curata. In fact, Curata has such a good search engine that there isn’t too much content out there that it can’t help you find. Create a smart-looking, well-curated account; connect with others in your industry or particular niche; and boost leads and enhance SEO with these tools.


Opentopic is a well-organized content marketing platform with some great features. You can create your own topic, obtain a wealth of content from everything from blogs to niche web sites, and utilize a mechanism called a “bookmarklet” to capture your content and organize it however you like. The site’s content filtering and analytics functions are also useful and help to make Opentopic an appealing curation system to use.


You want to be both a part of and contribute to your professional interests, as well as the best in trends and information from your industry while still being able to add your own input. In this case, you want ContentGems. A quick and easy content curation system, ContentGems allows you to spread your content across social media networks while adding your two cents. This gives you the perfect content platform to show off the best of your knowledge to the rest of the digital business world.

If you think we missed one or have some suggestions about these or other online content curation tools, please feel free to leave a comment below. We’d love to hear from you!

Happy curating!