Why Pinterest Marketing Is an Effective Way to Improve Your Business Branding

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While it’s impossible to read people’s minds, a little market research to find out what your target audiences search for the most online can go a very long way. Pinterest is an excellent social media platform to help you gain a clear understanding of the type of content your followers are most interested in seeing. As a result, prominent SEO marketing services in Toronto are strongly advising their clients with online businesses to jump on the Pinterest bandwagon and… Read More

Why Is Facebook Downgrading Engagement Bait Posts?

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Why Is Facebook Downgrading Engagement Bait Posts?iStock.com/Rawpixel Ltd
Whether you’re aware of it or not, at some point throughout your countless sessions of scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed, you’ve most likely encountered or been exposed to what most social media marketing experts refer to as engagement bait. These are posts that are created with the explicit intent of propelling social media optimization and to help online brands and pages expand their customer base. Recently, Facebook decided that these types of social media marketing practices are… Read More

Eight Social Media Trends to Follow or Look for in 2018

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As the new year approaches your business’ content strategies may be in for a big change. The social media marketing trends of 2018 will offer you a great opportunity to increase your exposure and interact with fans and followers of your platforms in innovative ways. Here are our eight predictions of the social media marketing trends businesses will see in 2018.

Appearance of Augmented Reality

One of the biggest social media trends of 2017 that will carry… Read More

Facebook Marketing: A Must Have Strategy for Small Businesses

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The way that people acquire information has changed significantly over the years. In the olden days, people would obtain information from the newspaper, radio broadcasts, and television. Unfortunately, these resources only work well locally. But since the rise of the Internet, new and more effective ways of obtaining information has become available. The impact this has had on users’ behaviours is important to consider if you are a small or local business. Small business owners should thoughtfully consider the… Read More

Social Media Optimization Techniques for Small Businesses

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Social Media OptimizationMost businesses with an online presence engage in some form of social media marketing. For small businesses looking to stake out their share of consumers, this means that social media needs to be a part of their approach in order to remain competitive. There are many different ways to shape a social media content strategy, but some are more specialized than others. Here are a set of useful tips for developing social media optimization that will be useful regardless of… Read More

How to Leverage Social Media for B2B Marketing

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B2B social media marketing strategySocial media can be a highly effective tool to use when it comes to a business-to-business (B2B) social media marketing strategy. B2B marketing is one of the most commonly used social media practices because it allows companies to reach a multitude of potential clients and customers on a widespread platform. There are many ways by which to ensure your company is maximizing its B2B social media marketing strategies.

Establish a Consistent Online Presence

One of the most important things any… Read More

Outsourcing Social Media Marketing for Your Local Business

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social media for local businessSocial media marketing is no longer a niche or novel idea. Building up a company’s profile page, linking with customers, and sharing content are all accepted as necessary in order to better establish a brand identity and reach out to old and new audiences alike. Social media for small business is especially important since these companies often lack strong, solidified brand identities and may still be trying to get their foot in the door. While it is true that social Read More

Facebook Latest News Feed Update: How #Friendmageddon May Affect Small Businesses

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social-media-marketingUsing Facebook for business just got a lot more difficult. Small business social media marketing uses different web sites to increase brand awareness and reach consumers. There are few better social media sites for business than Facebook, which is the most popular social media network in the world, used by people of all ages. Now Facebook is making changes to its news feed. These changes to the Facebook news feed are being called #Friendmageddon, as they will have a big… Read More

Is Your Small Business Web Site Optimized for Social Media Sharing?

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web site optimization for social media In social media, sharing is the new word-of-mouth. As users toss articles and links back and forth, businesses stand to generate a lot of extra attention and draw new eyes to their sites. Few things are more powerful than word-of-mouth, so making a social media strategy that encourages sharing is a great form of web site optimization for small businesses. Getting your web site into a position where content is easily and frequently shared, however, is tricky. Here are some… Read More

How Videos Can Upscale Your Local Business Marketing in 2016

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video-marketing-for-local-businessIn the age of social media and YouTube, an entire generation has learned how to turn personal identities into a type of brand. This same sort of online marketing can be used by local businesses to not only grow and strengthen their brands but also as a form of user engagement tactics. Embracing the use of video marketing for local businesses is an important step in this process and also one that needs to be addressed slightly differently than other… Read More