How to Keep Your Online SEO Material Fresh

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Keep Your Online SEO Material FreshPast the Expiry Date Time waits for no one—everything ages. This can be a good thing, such as with a fine bottle of wine, but age isn’t always so kind; if you let items like cars and teeth age without proper care or maintenance, they deteriorate and often stop working entirely. This applies to online business material as well. There are still people who think you can just put business material online and expect it to remain accurate, relevant, and… Read More

Going Off Page in Online Business Improvement

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In online business, you probably work a lot on your own work, on your own web site and on your own business connections, but every once in a while, you have to go off road a bit. Or off page, rather. These days, you are probably struggling to keep your business at a high standard by utilizing online techniques as best you can. This is no easy task, especially if you aren’t a computer whiz who’s up on all of… Read More

Dressing Your Web Site up with On-page Techniques

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How do you dress for success? In the decades gone by, you had to cloak every aspect of your business in high-end fashion to make it look good. Businessmen wore pin-striped suits and had hair greased back tightly. Offices were tailored with gorgeous interior design. These days, the business world is a little less formal. The suits are only necessary for meetings and some offices are based out of people’s houses. And almost nobody really cares about what kind of… Read More

Learning the Best SEO Techniques for Online Business

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There’s the old funny cartoon from the 1980s showing a Howard the Duck-type character in a business suit holding a hammer over top a computer’s keyboard and caption reading: “HIT ANY KEY TO CONTINUE.”If you’ve ever worked on computers in your life, you know this funny piece of caricature is REALLY born out of reality. After hours of frustration in front of the screen and trying to get your computer to do what you want, nothing would likely feel Read More