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The Multi-Channel Optimization Approach That Increased Web Visitors 800% in 90 Days

Posted by on Dec 19, 2017 in Our E-Letter | No Comments
Dear All, I remember the first time I was told about Google AdWords. My initial reaction was: “You mean those annoying ads to the right of the search results? No one clicks on those things!” Boy was I wrong. Using Google AdWords and similar Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategies in conjunction with a solid SEO campaign can help skyrocket your business to the next level. Here’s a prime example: Doctors Health Press is an alternative health and wellness information publisher.… Read More

4 Web-Boosting Tips You Should Try to Give Your Business a Bump

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Dear All, The online marketplace is getting more and more competitive and it’s important that you get your web site optimized to not only increase the amount of traffic to your web site, but to also get a high number of those visitors to convert into customers. And while this might seem like an easy task, it’s actually a lot more difficult than it seems. The path from someone searching on the Internet to becoming a paying customer should be… Read More

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Slow Down Your SEO Now

Posted by on Dec 19, 2017 in Our E-Letter | No Comments
Dear All As the year winds down, most people get into “Holiday Mode.” They’re pre-occupied with their shopping lists, they’re going to parties, they’re planning vacations, or they’ve simply started to wind down and coast a bit until the New Year. But with web marketing, coasting in December could mean disaster come January. When you stop or slow down your SEO efforts, your organic search rankings will naturally start to decrease. That’s probably not surprising to you because like anything,… Read More