The Impact of Digital Marketing on Consumer Perception

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Exceptional and effective digital marketing is an integral part of creating strong brand awareness as well as identifying and establishing a concrete customer-base for your business. The key to accomplishing all of this is to not only find your target audience but to also define the specifications of your company’s offerings and ensure those offerings (products and services) are in line with the needs and wants of your potential customers. In many ways, the brand image your business projects… Read More

What to Consider When Building a Digital Marketing Strategy for 2017

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Digital-Marketing-strategyThe new year is almost upon us, but now is not the time to start resting on your laurels. Marketing and advertising are constantly changing, so now is the time to adjust your digital marketing strategies for 2017. In addition to trends in digital marketing itself, this past year has seen developments in social media marketing, content optimization, and other types of advertising and consumer trends that will carry forward and build as the calendar turns over. Recognizing these shifts… Read More

Optimizing Your Business’s Web Site for Higher Conversion Rates

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Optimizing Your Business Web Site The end goal of most business web sites is conversion, the turning of a visitor into a customer. Multiple approaches exist for obtaining conversions from producing more content, marketing and advertising pushes, or special promotions. However, what we are going to focus on today is optimization: how to get higher conversions rates for what you already have. Optimization is useful not only because it is one of the more cost-effective approaches but because it allows for concentration. A smaller number… Read More

Digital Marketing Trends That Will Dominate in 2016

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Digital Marketing TrendsOne thing we do as an SEO company in Toronto is look at what the biggest marketing trends will be in the upcoming year. Your business could be using an SEO strategy that works well today but that could be out of date by this time next year. The truth is that digital marketing and SEO are evolving fields with constant new developments and trends. If you want your business to stay ahead of the curve, you have to know… Read More

How SEO and Content Marketing Strategies Can Work Together

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SEO and Content Marketing StrategyAlthough search engine optimization (SEO) and content marketing are sometimes treated the same, it would be a mistake to consider them interchangeable terms. While there is a certain level of overlap, the two methods have very clear differences. SEO is a more technical approach that focuses on things like URLs, titles, tags, keywords, and website arrangements. Content marketing, conversely, focuses on producing quality pieces that appeal to the desired audience. The main difference arises when you recognize that content marketing… Read More

Avoid These 5 Common Digital Marketing Mistakes

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Digital Marketing MistakesDigital marketing is now an essential part of doing business. Every business, regardless of size, wants to have the best campaign in place. This is especially important for small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).
An SMB cannot make the same mistakes as a large corporation, as they do not have the resources at their disposal if a marketing campaign doesn’t work out. That is why the experts recommend having a clear and well-thought out digital marketing strategy in place.
Here are… Read More

Seeing the Big Picture of Digital Marketing

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There is always an aversion to change by the public at large and often for good reason. How many of your friends were happy about re-buying their vinyl record collection on CD two decades ago? After being surrounded by kids in the cinema taking calls on their cell phones, you probably weren’t too keen to go out and get one yourself. The worst is when a hero, idol, or family member dies and your life feels empty now that they’ve… Read More

An Introduction to Digital Marketing for Success Later

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If you’re in business these days and are successful, pat yourself on the back. You’ve probably been working your tail off and are now seeing the fruits of your labors.
Now, if you’ve been seeing business success these days without the aid of the computers, the Internet, or any sort of digital marketing, pat yourself on the back doubly. This is a rare feat if there ever was one these days. In fact, it’s nearly impossible. There might be some

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