7 Effective Content Marketing Strategies to Use in 2018

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Content optimization and marketing involves so much more than simply producing large quantities of web site content and posting it all in a timely manner. You need to constantly improve and update your content marketing strategy by employing a variety of effective and rational practices that pertain to your current business model and goals. This is the best way to gain and retain followers while also keeping them engaged. Every day, there are new methods of creating, producing, posting,… Read More

Mobile First Approach: How to Prepare SEO and Your Content Strategy

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A mobile first approach to your content strategy and SEO can provide you with a better user experience, and improve your credibility as a business. There are certain SEO and content strategies you should implement for your mobile first approach, which will allow you to reap the benefits of both a positive customer perception of your business and an increase in leads and sales. Here’s what you need to know about a mobile first approach, and the strategies that… Read More

Content Marketing: Benefits of Evergreen over Trending Content

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Some businesses believe that as long as they produce content on their web site, they will get the traffic and customers they need. But, there is a lot more to content marketing than producing it. Generally speaking, there are two types of content: trending content and evergreen content. Evergreen content never grows old and remains relevant, while trending content drives quick, immediate high traffic and conversions to your site. If you want to optimize your content marketing strategy, here… Read More

Trends and Strategies That Can Help You to Win in Content Marketing

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Content marketing through the use of articles, videos, and images has become the most popular and effective way of getting your product, services, and brand message to the widest possible audience. From entrepreneurs to multinational corporations, everyone is upping their content marketing game to beat their competition on the Web. Here are some effective and amazing trends and strategies that can help you win at content marketing.

Mobile and Wireless Communications

As consumers continue to seek more convenience, there… Read More

Content Marketing Tips for Content Distribution

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content distribution strategiesIf you’ve been working hard on your content marketing and promotion strategies, you’re likely expecting to see traffic and conversions gradually increase over time. But if you’re not seeing the results you were hoping for, it could be an issue with your content distribution strategy. Content distribution on social media, for example, is only one of the ways you can share your activities to encourage existing customers to take action, and invite new visitors to your web site. If your… Read More

Content Marketing Tips: Strategies that Work for Small Business

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content marketing ideasThere are many traditional and online methods to boost marketing for your business, and it may be tricky to find which options work best for you. Despite the many channels available to you (SEO, PPC, social media, etc.) there has been proven success with content marketing strategies for small businesses. A well-managed company blog is just one aspect that can boost your marketing strategy in ways you could not imagine. If you want to learn about the benefits of content… Read More

The Importance of Auditing Content before Redesigning Your Web Site

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web site content audit checklistIf your professional web site is in dire need of a thorough facelift, then before you jump the gun, consider performing a content audit first. Start by meticulously going through all of the existing content in each section and subsection of your web site and create a detailed inventory of everything you have there. You may discover that some of the content is old, outdated, inconsistent, redundant, or no longer accurate. Having a strong content marketing audit strategy will help… Read More

Content Marketing Trends in 2017 and Beyond

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content marketing trends & forecasts
The content marketing trends and forecasts have revealed some helpful tips for businesses looking to boost their engagement with customers and increase sales. The 2017 BRB content marketing predictions show that trends involve social media, mobile devices, and automation. If you want to learn more about these content trends, here’s what you need to know.

Top Content Marketing Trends to Follow

Visual Content Marketing

Visual content marketing through social media platforms like Snapchat, Instagram, and Pinterest have skyrocketed in popularity… Read More

How a Content Audit Can Improve User Experience on Your Web Site

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content audit and inventoriesPerforming a content audit for your local business’s web site might be a very tedious and time-consuming task, but it’s an important one, nonetheless because it can be rewarding and beneficial for your web site. Content audits are advantageous for you as an online marketer and business owner because they help you organize and keep track of your content inventory by creating a web site content audit checklist. However, they’re also extremely helpful because they make it easier for your… Read More

How Professional Content Audits Can Lead to Successful Content Marketing Campaigns  

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content marketing campaignsOne of the most efficient ways to generate leads is by using a content marketing campaign. Improving the content on your web site will increase the chances of people buying your products and services. This is because with good content, you become the source of expertise and trustworthiness for prospects, which gives prospects a great first impression and easily converts them into paid customers. But what if you’ve had a web site for years and still struggled to gain traffic… Read More