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Mobile SEO Tips for WordPress Web Sites

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If you’re looking for WordPress SEO tips for beginners, you’ve come to the right place. Mobile SEO best practices include making sure users are able to navigate between your desktop web site pages and your mobile pages. To achieve this goal, you will need to implement the following mobile SEO tips, which include doing a Mobile-Friendly Test, creating Google AMP pages, optimizing site speed, and avoiding faulty redirects from desktop pages to mobile ones.

Do a Mobile-Friendly Test of Your Web Site

How do you know if your web site is mobile friendly? There are certain tools you can use to find out. Google has its own Mobile-Friendly Test that reveals how Googlebot sees your page. You can use the feedback from this test to celebrate if your page is mobile friendly or make appropriate adjustments to your site if it is not. Google’s PageSpeed Insights serves many purposes including finding out whether your site is mobile friendly or not. You can receive a lot of information including screenshots of how your web site will look on both desktop and mobile views. There are several other programs you can use to test your site including Keynote MITE, BrowserStack, and W3C’s MobileOK Checker.

Create Google AMP Pages for Mobile Rankings

Google AMP pages, or Accelerated Mobile Pages, are projects designed by Google and Twitter to make mobile pages run faster. The stripped-down form of HTML is lightweight and loads quickly. Setting it up for your WordPress web site can strongly benefit your customer response rate.

Set Up AMP Version for Your WordPress Site

One of the simplest ways to set up Google AMP for your WordPress web site is to download certain plugins and enable them. For a more detailed look at your AMPs and how they are working, you will need a program like Search Console to help you. Check out the steps below for an idea of the process.

  • Download the Automattic AMP plugin and enable it.
  • Check to see if the plug-in worked by adding the/amp/suffix at the end of any URL from your site.
  • Download the Yoast Glue plugin to customize the style of the mobile appearance by enabling it.
  • Check out the settings under SEO>AMP>Design to set the colours, fonts, logo, and CSS.
  • Sign up or log in to Search Console and click on Search Appearance>Accelerated Mobile Pages.
  • Run the AMP validator tool and click on the specific problem you need to solve, following the prompts as they appear.
  • Run the validator tool.

Optimize Your Site Speed

Site speed is considered a technical SEO factor that significantly affects your web site’s rank on SERPs. To optimize the speed of your site, there are several tips you can implement. You should optimize your site’s images by using a compressed format like JPG in most of your posts. Enabling browser caching will also speed up your site by letting you store data temporarily on a visitor’s computer, so revisited pages load automatically. You can also enable compression of HTML and CSS files, reduce server response times to under 200ms, and use a Content Delivery System (CDN) to increase the speed.

Avoid Faulty Redirects of Mobile URLs

When working with separate mobile URLs, it is important to redirect mobile users to the appropriate desktop URL from the desktop URL not a different page such as the homepage. You would not want your users getting frustrated if they are looking for a bus timetable on a specific date on the desktop site only to be redirected to the general timetable search page on the mobile version of the site. Be sure to configure the redirection properly so that users can end up on the right page.

User Experience for Mobile Landing Pages

A good experience for mobile users on your mobile and desktop pages will lead to high conversion rates for you. If users have an easy time navigating your mobile landing pages, Google will also be pleased with your site.
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