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How Your Local Business Can Engage Mobile Customers in 2017

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Online shopping and browsing for products has helped increase the number of people using mobile-optimized web sites and apps to either make purchases or at least read through customer reviews before deciding to purchase an item in store. As this trend continues to grow and cultivate new personalized ways of reaching mobile customers, SEO businesses must take advantage of this marketing phenomenon.

Why Local SEO Is Important to Engage Mobile Customers

The fact is that, these days, everything is constantly moving forward in a fast-paced motion. People are constantly on the go, and they want their purchases to be equally fast-paced and convenient to fit their lifestyles.
The reason why local SEO is so important for successful and practical brick-and-mortar businesses of the 21st century that also operate online is that it allows companies to establish stronger and more meaningful connections with potential mobile customers. Converting mobile clicks to purchases is, no doubt, highly important; but increasing online revenue should not be the only end goal. Studies have shown that online interactions through mobile devices such as offering customer service on social media, via text messaging, or through live chats are effective forms of engaging customers and maintaining brand loyalty.
Some customers are still apprehensive about making online purchases, but initializing local SEO strategies in 2017 can prove to beneficial to your business in other ways. It helps to develop a healthy give-and-take relationship between your business and your customers.

Latest Mobile SEO Strategies for Your Business

Customers have different reasons for searching for your company or products online. Sometimes, they are just seeking out customer service contact information or they are looking for nearby locations. These types of searches can certainly have a negative impact on your online conversion rates, but they also help your mobile customers gain deeper knowledge of your business and products. Implementing the following mobile SEO strategies into your online marketing platform can help you reap incredible benefits from utilizing local SEO.

Customer Service for Mobile Users

Sometimes mobile customers have a quick question about a product or your business and they are looking for a quick and simple answer without having to wait on hold for an indefinite amount of time. That is where online customer service live chats, text messaging, and even social media messages can be very useful. The wait times are usually minimal and the customer can get a direct and quick response from a reliable source.

Create Polls to Engage Mobile Customers

Many companies have even added a fairly new feature that allows customers to rate the level of service they received following their online interaction with the customer service representative, which creates an excellent incentive for employees to always provide the best customer service possible. Online polls can also be used to create customized online shopping, browsing, and marketing experiences for mobile customers. Every customer is different and it is highly beneficial to your SEO business to understand what they are looking for, so asking is the first step.

Create Excellent Content

Do not underestimate the powers of creating interesting and stimulating content based on your online customer base. If customers are truly amazed by what they find on your web site, then you can be sure that they will want to share that content on all of their social media platforms. That is why it is important to give them the proper opportunity to do so by making different share options such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc. easily available to them at the end of each page. The more people who see your content, the better.

Easy Checkout Options

If you want to create more conversions on your web site, then you need to make the online ordering process as seamless as possible. Most potential mobile customers will not wait longer than approximately three seconds for a web page to load, so you should make the checkout page as simple as possible and use very few images that slow down the loading process. Of course, a slow Internet connection can also negatively impact your customers’ experiences, but that is out of your control.
Another thing you should do is eliminate redundancies throughout the checkout process and do not ask for the same information multiple times as this can serve as a deterrent. The checkout process should not exceed one minute because that is all it takes for a mobile customer to change their minds about the purchase.
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