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How Video Marketing Can Influence Your Local Business

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Video marketing for local businesses has become a powerful tool for success. According to statistics, 63 percent of businesses have started using video marketing, and out of them, 82 percent say it is an important part of their strategy. Technology is progressing rapidly, allowing for better variety and simplicity of video production, so brands who are not as tech-savvy can still reap the benefits. Why should small businesses use video marketing? Here’s what you need to know.

Why Should Small Businesses Do Video Marketing?

Boosts Conversions and Sales

Did you know that adding a product video on your landing page can increase your conversions by 80 percent? Video works very well for business, regardless of the category or industry you deploy it for. Whether your products involve electronics, jewellery, personal care, home and garden, or gifts, the conversion rate is increased by using a video. Studies have also shown that 74 percent of users who saw a video explaining how a product worked subsequently made a purchase for it.

Provides Great ROI

Most businesses say that video improved their return on investment (ROI). Although video production is challenging and can be expensive, it pays off big time. Online video editing tools are constantly improving and becoming more affordable, so getting on board with video content has never been easier. Even today’s smartphones can take high-quality videos that can easily be uploaded to your web site. It is also important to note that your videos do not have to be perfect. Your prospects and customers are more concerned with the content of the video. Research shows that users are turned off by videos that do not explain a product or service clearly, whereas low quality and poor design are not a concern.

Builds Trust

The foundation of conversions and sales is trust. Building trust with prospects and customers should be a goal you focus on to create long-term relationships. Instead of putting all your effort into promoting and selling, attract customers to you by providing them interesting and valuable information. Video content can achieve this goal. It is engaging, ignites emotions, provides useful information, and can be shared to spread your brand’s message.

Google Loves Videos

When a user watches videos on your web site, they spend a longer time than they normally would. This longer exposure builds trust and allows search engines to know your site has good content. According to statistics, you are 53 times more likely to show up first on Google if a video is embedded on your web site. Google owns YouTube, therefore there has been a huge increase in how videos affect your search engine rankings. You should make sure your videos are SEO-friendly. Use interesting titles and descriptions, and add a link back to your web site if your video is posted on YouTube. This way users can learn more about you as a brand, your products, and your services. A video is an essential part of your whole system, so make sure you provide an easy way for customers to take the next step.

Good Influence on Mobile Users

Mobile users love watching videos. About 90 percent of consumers watch videos on their smartphones. Since 2013, mobile videos have grown more than 233 percent, and YouTube reports that mobile video consumption rises 100 percent on average, each year. This means, when you implement videos into your marketing strategy, you will see a huge boost in your audience.

Helps You Rank Higher for SEO and Social

Video content is 50-times more likely to appear on the first page of Google search results, compared to content pages with text alone. Video search results also tend to show at the top of search engine results pages (SERPs) or in the top-five results. Put simply, video allows you to rank higher for local SEO, meaning you get more exposure with the help of Google.

Increases Online Presence/Business Branding

Not only do videos attract visitors to your site and maintain their attention longer, they can also help your ads go viral. Video sharing can expand your reach because of its “shareability.” A high percentage of mobile video viewers, 92 percent, say they regularly share videos with their networks. Since videos are so easy to share, a single ad placement can turn into free exposures for you, as people do the work for you by spreading your video across the web. This means you get more value for your dollar, while also increasing your online presence.

Improves Delivery of Your Message

What message are you trying to convey through your web site? Videos can help whether you are launching a new product, service, or updating customers on brand news. You can also create “how-to” videos to explain to visitors how a product works. Almost 100 percent of users watch the explainer videos to learn more about a product or service, and that’s why 45 percent of businesses use video marketing on their home page. Out of these brands, 83 percent said their explainer video was effective. You can also use animated videos to explain a difficult concept. These videos can bring your ideas to life, that text and live video cannot.

Get Effective Web Site Services from Numero Uno

These eight reasons are only a glimpse into the ways that video marketing will impact your local or small business. If you’re looking for assistance for your video marketing strategy, contact the team at Numero Uno Web Solutions. We provide our clients with many marketing solutions such as SEO, SMO, ORM strategy development, content audit services, online reputation management, web designing and development, and more. We are a content and search engine marketing agency in Toronto that specializes in helping small- to medium-sized businesses improve their web sites. For years, we have clients across the Greater Toronto Area, Texas, Massachusetts, and Florida, boost their marketing strategies and grow their businesses. Call us at 1-855-SEO-XPRT to learn more about the services and expertise we provide at our Vaughan location.

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