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How to Build a Successful Business Using a Multi-Location Marketing Strategy

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Digital marketing is an essential medium for businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re just starting to expand your business or want to start franchising, it’s important to harness a strong digital marketing strategy that can help you build up brand recognition and awareness in a variety of target markets.
Multi-location online marketing isn’t just something you can jump into willy-nilly.
It takes a great deal of market research, analytics, and preparation. You need to create effective digital marketing campaigns that appeal to demographics in each specific market location you want to enter. Never assume that just because your business is successful in one market, that you can achieve the same level of success in other markets.
Every business market is unique in its own right. That’s why you need the knowledge and expertise of a local SEO agency to help you create and navigate effective local marketing strategies that are guaranteed to work. Here are some great tips to make your multi-location business a success.

Create a Local Page for Each Location

Even though each location of your business is part of the larger entity, it’s important to treat them as if they’re separate but equal. Businesses must cater to the unique desires and needs of different locational demographics in order to succeed. The type of clientele you acquire in one location could be completely different than your demographic in another location and you need to be receptive to that in order to be successful in both.
Use major fast food chains as a guiding example. Although they typically offer the same food options to guests in different locations, many of them also adjust their menus to suit the food preferences, regulations, and styles of cuisine in different regions.
As a business owner, you need to take the same approach to local marketing strategies for your multi-location business. Creating local pages for each business location you have will enhance your local SEO strategy and increase your rankings for each region.

Keep Your Branding Consistent for Each Location

Location-based market research can help you fine-tune your digital marketing and local SEO strategies for each region. Keep in mind that each business location serves a different area with unique key demographics. However, you still want your overall branding, logo, slogans, and messaging to be the same.
To differentiate each location, you can encourage regional or branch managers to offer seasonal products and services that are specifically geared toward their key demographic while maintaining the same branding as your core business.

Create Brand Guidelines

Multi-location businesses must cater to a variety of different customer demographics and clientele, but they still need a cohesive marketing strategy that ties the entire brand together across all regions.
That’s how you build up brand recognition.
To ensure that every location manager and stakeholder are on the same page while operating according to the unique standards of their locations, it’s important to have a central set of protocols and regulations in place that each location must adhere to. That way, customers will still be able to recognize that the brand and store are the same across all regions, but that each location offers unique products and services.
Create location-based static pages and service pages on your website so that users can determine which locations offer certain products and services.

Familiarize Yourself with Each Market Location

To be able to adequately market and advertise to each store or service area, you need to first understand the unique nuances of each area. Remember that each of your business locations will have unique digital marketing requirements based on a series of factors including key demographics, population size and density, age, and other factors.
Google Analytics is a great tool that tracks online trends including website visits, bounce rates, which pages are getting the most traffic, and even top-rated keywords in your industry. Use this information to identify digital marketing strengths and weaknesses of each of your business locations, so that you can come up with specific marketing solutions.
Locations that are more densely populated might not have an issue with customer acquisition, but their online rankings may be suffering for one reason or another. If this is the case, then it may be time to implement a local SEO marketing campaign that targets certain types of customers that live in the area.

Create and Manage Google Listings for Each Location

A cohesive digital marketing and branding strategy should include location-based static, service, and landing pages. But you also need to have specific online listings for each business location.
Google My Business is one of the most well-known and widely used online platforms to create business listings. The great thing about is that you only have to make one business profile, verify it, and then you can list multiple service areas and locations within it. Whenever a user searches for your business or keywords that pertain to it, Google will automatically present them with the closest store based on the customer’s proximity to that specific location. Customers can also search for your business plus specific locations to see if you have a store in that area.

Communicate Regularly with Each Location

Communication is the cornerstone to building a successful professional and cohesive brand amongst all of your locations.
Check in with branch or store managers regularly to see if they have any recommendations for improving marketing strategies in their area. Encourage them to maintain a strong and consistent online presence, so that customers always know what to expect.
Every business location should implement regular optimization standards, including Google and social media posts, responses to reviews and questions, and updates for customers.

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