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Google Search Now Displays Shipping and Return Information for E-Commerce Sites

Google Search and E-commerce

As an e-commerce website owner, you want to make sure that your products get as much visibility as possible on Google Search. Google recently expanded the display of shipping and return information on search results for merchant sites. This means that your website can now display more details, including the product’s price, shipping, and return information.

To enable this feature, you need to add structured data markup for shipping and returning information on your website. You can also submit this information via Google Merchant Center, which Google will use to display the relevant information on search results.

Google has also launched a new Search Console report that monitors and fixes the structured data required to enable this display of the return and shipping details.

Why Is This Important for E-Commerce Website Owners?

By adding shipping and return details to your snippet, you can gain more attention and visibility for your products within Google Search. This, in turn, can improve your click-through rate from Google Search.

Google Merchant Center and structured data can be useful tools for highlighting your exceptional shipping and return policies and offers, making them more visible to customers on Google Search.

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Google is currently rolling out this feature in the U.S., with support for more countries to come soon. Therefore, it is crucial to add structured data markup to your website or submit the information via Google Merchant Center as soon as possible to take advantage of this feature.

In conclusion, adding shipping and return information to your e-commerce website’s search result snippets can increase the visibility of your products on Google Search. It is an easy and effective way to attract more customers to your website.

If you need help adding structured data markup to your website or submitting the information via Google Merchant Center, contact Numero Uno Web Solutions. Our team of experts can help you take advantage of this feature and improve your e-commerce website’s search visibility. Also, keep an eye on the new Search Console report to monitor and fix any issues related to structured data.

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