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How to Convert Classic Editor Posts into WordPress 5.0 Gutenberg Editor

WordPress 5.0

Gutenberg is the name of the new editor in the WordPress 5.0 update that uses the block concept to organize your web site content. These blocks offer a more visual and advanced editing experience to help you create rich post layouts. Instead of learning and writing short codes and custom HTML code or pasting URLs to embed media, these blocks provide a lot of handy options to insert unique elements to any kind of content.
WordPress 5.0 comes with a lot of exciting features, which is why so many people are looking to update their WordPress version. But before updating to WordPress 5.0, you should know that Gutenberg is the default editor, meaning you’ll have to use this editor. The good news is that you can continue using the old editor with the help of some plugins.

Converting Classic Editor Posts into WordPress 5.0 Gutenberg Editor

If you have already upgraded your WordPress version, then converting your classic editor post into Gutenberg editor is quite easy and simple. Here are some steps you should follow:
1. Login to your WordPress account and go to “All Posts”.
2. Edit the post you want to convert into Gutenberg editor.
3. Your old post will open with the classic editor format. It will look like this:
4. Click the three vertical dots in the right side of classic editor block to get more options. Then choose “Convert to Blocks”.
5. The post will get converted into different blocks and you can start using Gutenberg editor on your old classic posts.

Easy Tips and Tricks

  • If you used to copy content from a text file and don’t know how to put all the content in the new editor, you can just add an empty block using the classic editor and paste all the content into it. Then, use the steps above to convert it into new content blocks.
  • To copy and paste content that is formatted in Word or a Google Doc, try using the WordPress plugins available on www.wordpress.org
  • You can improve your typing speed by using the following Gutenberg editor keyboard shortcuts:

Editor Shortcuts

Linux/Windows Shortcut macOS Shortcut
Display keyboard shortcuts Shift+Alt+H ⌃⌥H
Save your changes Ctrl+S ⌘S
Undo your last changes Ctrl+Z ⌘Z
Redo your last undo Ctrl+Shift+Z ⇧⌘Z
Show or hide the settings sidebar Ctrl+Shift+, ⇧⌘,
Open the block navigation menu Shift+Alt+O ⌃⌥O
Navigate to the next part of the editor Ctrl+` ⌃`
Navigate to the previous part of the editor Ctrl+Shift+` ⌃⇧`
Navigate to the next part of the editor (alternative) Shift+Alt+N ⇧⌥N
Navigate to the previous part of the editor (alternative) Shift+Alt+P ⇧⌥P
Navigate to the nearest toolbar Alt+F10 ⌥F10
Switch between Visual Editor and Code Editor Ctrl+Shift+Alt+M ⇧⌥⌘M

Selection Shortcuts

Linux/Windows Shortcut macOS Shortcut
Select all text when typing. Press again to select all blocks Ctrl+A ⌘A
Clear selection Esc Esc

Block Shortcuts

Linux/Windows Shortcut macOS Shortcut
Duplicate the selected block(s) Ctrl+Shift+D ⇧⌘D
Remove the selected block(s) Shift+Alt+Z ⌃⌥Z
Insert a new block before the selected block(s) Ctrl+Alt+T ⌥⌘T
Insert a new block after the selected block(s) Ctrl+Alt+Y ⌥⌘Y
Change the block type after adding a new paragraph / /

Text Formatting Shortcuts

Linux/Windows Shortcut macOS Shortcut
Make the selected text bold Ctrl+B ⌘B
Make the selected text italic Ctrl+I ⌘I
Underline the selected text Ctrl+U ⌘U
Convert the selected text into a link Ctrl+K ⌘K
Remove a link Ctrl+Shift+K ⇧⌘K
Add a strikethrough to the selected text Shift+Alt+D ⌃⌥D
Display the selected text in a monospaced font Shift+Alt+X ⌃⌥X
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