Words on Demand—the Entrepreneur as Writer and Consultant

Words on Demand—the Entrepreneur as Writer and Consultant

Words on Demand—the Entrepreneur as Writer and ConsultantWhen You Get Good at It

Now that the digital revolution has calmed down a bit, people are getting a bit of a grip on how the Internet and digital practices work. It has taken a while, and there has been a lot of chaos in the process. But now things are a bit calmer, digitally and even somewhat economically speaking.

With a bit of calm comes a bit of assessment. With their experience, digital pros can look back and see what their skills are now in their strongest form. Search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC), web site design… There are a lot of skills that so many pros have developed over time.

If you’ve got the skills, why not offer them to others for compensation? You’re already in business for yourself and have proven yourself skilful in the digital business trenches. Now you can bring this ability to someone else and get a little extra green in your pocket at that. Today, they call this person a “consultant”—the title might sound too fancy for the job description, but there’s no need to be too proud to use it.

With that in mind, you might be thinking about where to apply your consulting abilities. Online articles are a good place to start.

You Have What They Need

A lot of online business pros have the skills to create well-written online articles, and they can create article content quickly, as if it’s second nature to them. Is this you? If so, you’re lucky. Between writing well and meeting online marketing standards, this job can actually be difficult. A lot of marketers have a terrible time with this; they just can’t do it.

The above are the positive aspects of the job, and they can inspire you. But, if you are going to be a writer/article consultant for others, you have to have what they want. Basically, you have to be the article writing and submissions service that they can’t get anywhere else. This involves soliciting your services formally, checking out what prospective clients want, and putting together articles that meet their demands. You have to create content that is relative to their business, make sure it’s optimized with keywords, have a schedule of creating the articles, and, more than likely, know where the best article directories are on the Web to get the articles properly submitted.

It sounds like a lot of work, and it can be. But, if you’ve got the experience, you are probably off to a great start. Having your own online article submission service means being the best article submission service going. There’s no other way, and it can lead to great business relations further down the client-professional relationship highway.

Giving More to Get More

You can do all the article writing and submitting to the submissions sites and likely do pretty well. But it never hurts to get a good article writer and consultant to offer a bit more, if possible. If you know about optimization or how to improve your clients’ web page content, that’s a bonus. You might be able to create magazine article submissions and submit a top-notch article to an even better trade magazine on your client’s behalf. That’s another bonus. If they like your work, they might put you on the part-time permanent payroll as a house writer, offering you more work on new projects as they come available. Again, another bonus.

Like everyone else, you’ve learned to live with the Internet. But unlike everyone else, you’ve trudged through the hardships of making success for yourself through online business. You’re rough, tough, and seasoned. Let your new skills guide you to new success, and let your online article writing help make you the best article writing and submission service out there. There are many rewards in doing so.

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