Words for Hire: Professional Article Writing

Words for Hire: Professional Article Writing

Professional Article WritingThe Real Deal

“Click here to see how you can make big money writing online articles!”

While the above line is not taken verbatim from the Internet, you’ve doubtless seen something like it online. If you’ve ever scoffed at it, you might have actually done the right thing. It’s no secret that a lot of these ads are fraudulent, and even clicking on them can result in your screen being bombarded by more propositions that can only lead to worse situations.

However, it’s not all bad. “Real deal” opportunities actually exist for online article writers. If you do a little online homework, there are some real possibilities for those looking to make a profession at article writing.

Online articles have become their own beast, and the demand for them has never been higher. But as with any high-demand product, there is a potentially darker underworld to online article writing, where those who have serious aspirations for success in that field get knocked to the sidelines. This is usually because they are misinformed; if you are going to get into using your online business skills to generate success for yourself in online article writing, your greatest weapon will be knowing a bit about it beforehand.

More Traffic Means More Money

The key to understanding online articles is knowing how they function in an online environment. They function as per their content’s ability to drive client traffic. If you create articles that people respond to online, the more traffic you can generate, the more profits you can generate. It’s not much different from your web site content, except you are often writing for someone else.

With that in mind, once you catch the article-writing bug, it’s up to you to do some homework, namely searching out the best article submission sites you can find. Narrowing down your search results to the top 10 article directories with which you can place your articles with the content you want to write about is a must before even beginning writing.

Article submission sites that are the real deal actually offer pay. You have to search them out and get all the goods on them. This means seeing what content they need, what structure and/or word count they require, and reading ALL other article submission guidelines that need to be adhered to. If you are going to get serious about your articles, you have to do what is necessary to get them the right exposure.

Building Your Portfolio

There is one sad truth to beginning your online article writing career, and it’s the fact that you might not get paid so much at the beginning. Oftentimes, article submission sites will only offer small sums to publish your material. There’s no shame in deciding that at that point your efforts may be better focused elsewhere.

However, if you enjoy writing articles and really want to make a serious career at it, go for it. Read up on how to make your content optimization-friendly, catalog all of the work that makes it onto the live site, and then build up a portfolio as you go along. The online article writer is no different than the cub reporter or rookie copywriter, trying to master their linguistic craft. When you scope out sites that need content, you might see a place for magazine article submissions or you might get an offer to create custom content for a business based on your portfolio.

If you’ve ever written online articles, you know just how fun it is. While your online articles might not always garner top dollars right off the bat, they have the potential to create success for you over time. It’s just a matter of placing yourself in the right online space to produce and deliver great articles for those who need them.

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