Top Places for Online Article Submissions

Top Places for Online Article Submissions

Top Places for Online Article SubmissionsYou may not know where to publish articles in order to get the word out about your online business. But don’t worry, because there are plenty of avenues for manual article submission that you may not have considered. Here are five suggestions:

1.  Local Newspapers

While being published in The New York Times or The Telegraph would be nice, start a little closer to home first. There’s a good chance that a local newspaper is taking submissions, and if not, you can always try to work out a deal with the editor.

2.  Newsletters

You’re most likely on a subscription list for multiple e-newsletters, and those newsletters might need contributors. If not, check out those you don’t read, as well as article submission web sites, to find somewhere that will be interested in your content.

3.  Trade Magazines

Your online business likely works within a specific market, and that market may have several trade publications that take magazine article submissions. Do your research, as each publication may have different rules for manual article submissions.

4.  Blogs

With the sheer number of blogs on the Internet, many of which are run by legitimate businesses, there a lot of opportunities for publication in this space. While you may be paid the same by these businesses as you would by free article submission sites, the amount of exposure makes blogs a worthwhile option.

5.  Guest Contributions

By scouring the top 10 article directories or quality article submission web sites, you’ll find many professional writers who can contribute articles for a price; you can easily be one such writer. A guest contributor can also gain further exposure for their business via word of mouth—provided your content is good enough, of course.

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