Tips for Article Submission Directories

Stand Out from the Crowd with These Tips for Article Submission Directories

Tips for Article Submission DirectoriesIf you’re creating content for your business, you know that articles are a great way to present yourself in the public sphere. However, if you plan to use articles, you need to make sure they are posted in the best possible locations. Here are some tips for ideal article submissions.

1. Use Only the Best

Since there are only so many web sites and publications, you need to find not only the best article directories, but also the best article submission sites. That said, don’t try to get onto every single one you think is worthwhile. Start with those related to your own niche market or business, then explore other publications for opportunities; otherwise, you’ll be wasting your time.

2.  Check the Rankings

Most article and content sites are now ranked via Google Pagerank and other similar algorithms. The rankings, particularly the current top 10 article directories, can help you narrow down your list of possible sites.

3.  Share Everything

Got a blog? If it contains articles, information, and news regarding your business, then it’s your ticket to content exchange. There are some excellent blog directories, like EatonWeb or Bloggeries, which accept mature, professional blogs in their entirety.

4.  Strive to Improve

Again, the quality of your work will improve and mature over time. As it does, you will be able to submit to more varied places by tailoring your content to fit each one. This is a great skill to acquire, so work towards it, but make sure you always read the article submission guidelines and are available to do edits when requested.

5.  Write, Write, Write

There’s an old adage used by screenwriters and novelists: never stop writing. Keep at it and try to spread your work out across any location and medium that might take interest; trade sites are just as viable as magazine article submissions. You may just find yourself going from part-time freelancer to full-time pro—and reaping the financial rewards for doing so.

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