The Work-Success Cycle: The Ongoing Article Writing Routine

The Work-Success Cycle: The Ongoing Article Writing Routine

The Work-Success CycleAll Trial and Error—But Only in the Beginning

Success and failure. Peaks and valleys. Ups and downs. High seasons and low seasons. Whether you work in online business or not, you’ve likely heard these terms before that all denote the same thing: the points when your work is doing well and the times when it’s not doing well at all. Whether you’re a novice welder or a seasoned real estate agent, there are points in your work that will be fruitful and a wellspring of success, and there will be other periods that will be dull and slow to bring home any working rewards.

In your professional career, this realization might not come for some time. It’s often a hard pill to swallow when you are going through the down periods. You have to work really hard to keep yourself afloat professionally, while trying to bring in some personal gain; plus, you can make a lot of mistakes along the way. It’s tough, and not everyone who tries to do this will succeed.

However, the long, difficult periods of trial and error can slowly become experiences in learning the proper business cycles of your profession. Once you’re over the speed bumps of learning, you can find the right grooves to follow and begin to really practice your business. In the online world, this is especially the case with online articles and learning the cycle of writing, posting, and really utilizing online article content for your business’ growth and development.

Getting into the Groove

Online article writing has often been compared to making a living as a painter or musician: it’s really fun to do, but it doesn’t always last in terms of being able to support yourself financially. What a lot of online business pros forget is that they have to work out a work cycle and then really master it. Once that happens, it becomes a bit more of a workable and successful process.

You start off simple enough; you know what you will write about and have some good articles with optimized content to give to someone else. Fine. But from this point it’s a matter of investigation and searching, searching, and more searching online to find the best article directories available. There are a lot of them out in cyberspace, so you’ll really have to narrow the search down, if possible, to the top 10 article directories out there. The outlets that you select have to be the best possible ones to showcase your information to the public.

You also have to make sure you’re correctly submitting your work to these sites. Even if you’ve got someone else working on article submission for you, you are likely doing manual article submission. It’s up to you or your staff to go over the article submission guidelines of each site until you know them forwards and backwards. Abiding by them to a “T” will not only get your articles published correctly, it will also get you habitually into the cycle of article submission.

Research and Development

The cycle of online article submission also includes constant research and development from you, the online business pro. Online article submission requires you to keep up with changing trends and concepts if you are going to see any return from your work. This includes scoping out the new best article directories that online readers like, new mechanisms to post links or references back to your web site, or new digital formatting trends. Finding good publications on online article submission will help you here.

Also, check out other areas that could possibly publish your articles, such as online magazines by doing some magazine article submissions. Any open call for submissions in trade publications is good, too. In the end, finding any outlet for your online article work can help others to see your material and bring more business interest to your venture.

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