The Wordsmith: Writing Articles for Specific Markets

The Wordsmith: Writing Articles for Specific Markets

Writing Articles for Specific MarketsIt’s all in Your Hands

Writing. It’s something we all think about doing in some manner, be it verse, novels, or stories. With the recent history of the twentieth century, and so many great writers in various media formats from comics to TV series, the inspiration to put pen to paper has never been greater. When the Internet came into domestic prominence, there was yet another medium where one could apply one’s instinctual use of words for personal professional success.

Of course, there’s the matter of how good a writer one is. Also, there is the problem of what is available to apply one’s skills to. With the Internet, there are a multiple of avenues to apply one’s writing skills to, but it’s hard to know what works best.

A good place to start or to get established is with online articles.

The demand for information and to get it with just a few taps of the nearest laptop keyboard is sky high. People are flocking to the Internet for everything from flu remedies to travel tips. For any online business pro looking to create a strong professional avenue, providing this information can only be beneficial. If you have the gift to write and create short articles of information for the general public, the power of success is all in your hands.

The Outlets Available

Writing online articles takes, from the writer’s point of view, some structure and grammar. Both have to be sound and tight so they articulate the topic you are writing about—e.g. touch technology, insurance news, sports information—in one short article that people can walk away from feeling happily informed. But, the other component of article writing is where to publish your work.

Article publication takes some serious homework on your part. It’s best to block aside some time initially to find article submission web sites that will take your content. There are a lot out there, and all are fairly accepting of new work. But, try to focus on the best article submissions sites you can find to place your work within the right context and with the strongest viewership possible. Most of all, you should routinely seek out the top 10 article directories possible. Online information changes regularly and some sites go bust while others become available. Scouting out new avenues for posting your articles is a necessary regular practice.

One more thing: make sure you read the rules of any site you to which you do online article submission. There are two reasons for this: your article will be rejected if you don’t abide by the rules; and you have to know if it is possible to put information about your business, such as contact and link information, at the tail end of your article. Good article submission web sites allow you to put in a link back to your business’ web site and/or include some contact information to your business, hence potentially creating a new client base for yourself. Take note of the rules of any article site you come across to ensure both proper publication and extra perks for your business.

Journalism, Anyone?

Becoming a good wordsmith of writing also entails some fun and adventurous writing in the form of online article journalism. You’re writing articles, right? Why not supply the top trade publications with articles as well? They are read by a lot of people, and they pay for good work.

Requirements for good magazine article submissions are usually posted on the publication’s web site, including topics, word counts, and submission deadlines. Sometimes, contacting editors to see what requirements they seek is a good idea, too, as you can pitch ideas or get assignments. Again, as with online article submission, there is a structure to magazine article submission. But, if you work with it, you can include information about yourself at the tail end of the article, get readers interested, and have them come to you for more work. Today, information is necessary, and if you are a good provider of it through information articles, you can create a success that’s based on a common need.

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