The Phantom Words of Success: Ghostwriting Online Articles for Others

The Phantom Words of Success: Ghostwriting Online Articles for Others

The Phantom Words of SuccessThe King’s Speech and Its Writer(s)

A lot of people are in awe of well-composed words. Even in today’s world of flashy video images and 3-D special effects, a well-crafted set of alphabet letters and proper punctuation can bring people to their knees, make them laugh, or inspire new ideas. After all, it’s language that has driven civilization for centuries and, ironically, coded the images we see today with our eyes.

Even more ironic is the fact that we often don’t know who’s doing the writing. If we read a news article in the paper, hear a political speech, or even read a horoscope, we often think some magic entity put the words together. The truth is far less incredible: it’s often a ghostwriter. Someone sitting in a hidden place, composing words for someone else, and getting a fee but no credit is the real entity behind the words we nourish our minds with.

At first glance, this sounds pretty unglamorous, as the famous writers of history received celebrity-like credits for their work. But even some of these more famous writers relied on ghostwriters to help them out; for example, Jack London often bought plots from future Nobel Prize winner Sinclair Lewis when he was creatively stifled. The truth is that not everyone can put good writing together, even the ones already famous for doing so. There are a lot of hidden talents behind the scenes.

You could be one of them. Especially in the world of online articles, you might have a talent for article writing that can assist others. That talent can help others see why article submission is a good vehicle for online business success.

You, the Go-To Word Pro

If you are something of an ace at article writing and want to take it to the next level, you have to start to sell yourself as the go-to word pro. There’s a few ways to do this and all of them are potentially lucrative.

First you have to get a portfolio together. Collecting all your writings in a solid format, preferably digitally on a web site or blog, can showcase your best material. Creating a mandate for your article services helps even more. What is important here is that you offer more than just writing. As you’ve likely seen with your own articles, it’s not so much writing as getting the writing published that is hard work. Offering your own article submission service or, better yet, article writing and submission service to clients that need content can give them the ability to get their articles out in cyberspace while allowing you to collect a little extra fee by doing double-duty.

More Than Words

While things like article submission services were mentioned above, there’s another matter that today’s online article pros have to know about: the issue of online content business practices. Things like search engine optimization (SEO) and content optimization are important if you want to attract clients to your article writing and submission service. Creating a little magazine article submission service for your clients’ material in trade publications can only help, too.

Actually, it’s the whole package deal of having the best article submission service possible that you want to strive for. Many of today’s professional writers don’t take advantage of learning the whole process of online article submission, often due to a lack of interest in digital techniques. Consequently, they question why article submission is even necessary and find no value in the practice. This is not a good approach to take. By offering the best article submission service you can, you are the phantom scribe with true entrepreneurial freedom at hand. You can deliver the words and publication methodology to reinvent yourself professionally and successfully.

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