The Defeats and Triumphs of Article Writing for Direct Marketing

The Defeats and Triumphs of Article Writing for Direct Marketing

Direct MarketingWe all feel those moments of transcendence—those moments that come at the right time and with surprise that give us elation we forgot existed. Some people get them when they scale a mountain or see a real Impressionist painting up close. Others get them when they are active in sport or dance and the endorphins kick in. When this happens, you feel you can do anything and for a time, however brief, there is no limit in your mind to what is possible in life.

It’s too bad we don’t get these inspired moments more often, but that’s how life goes. What is important though is that we act on them to the best of our abilities to better our lives in whatever way possible. If we find moments of transcendence, it makes good sense to use them if possible.

You might have had this feeling manifest itself in writing. Your mind gets stirred and then you hit the paper or keyboard with all of your thoughts. You bring your transcendence to life with the written word, also coming to life when read. This is all great and pretty common. But in online business and with writing, particularly article writing, you have to shape your words so they express what you feel but are also easily understood the public at large. Inspiration is great, writing it down is better and doing it up in a structured article is what makes the message hit home.

We know why article submission is important to online business: to generate interest from the public at large and drive them to our business web sites. This is all fine and dandy, but we have to approach article writing with some dexterity first. That will make our article submissions and especially our manual article submissions more widely accepted by all relevant parties.

When writing your articles, be sure to have a structure or word count in mind. Now some article submission guidelines will state exactly how much this is to be for their particular site, but a usual count is somewhere between five hundred and eight hundred words. More than this is usually too much information for a reader to absorb in one sitting. Try to have detailed but not overly lengthy paragraphs either. Each one should only be five to ten sentences long with specific information relating back to the topic of the article itself.

Actually, that can be the key objective for your articles: information. Your articles should give specific information on the topic you are writing about, be it tips on investment or seeking sporting goods distributors. There is too much temptation for some business pros to proselytize too much in their articles where they add their own politics and philosophy to their piece. This isn’t the idea behind online articles in the first place. People seek good articles out to learn something, not be hit over the head with ideas on what to believe in life. There are enough political commentators out there doing this every day. Now you might get away with a bit of this if you do magazine article submissions to publications relevant to your business, but again, be careful. In the end, good article writing and getting those articles into the best article submission sites involves providing people with information on something that can make their lives better. Always use this idea as a focus for your writing. Keep your articles informative with good bits of knowledge for the public to use. Don’t try and re-arrange their thinking.

When you are doing article writing for online business, it helps to always read article submission guidelines beforehand, see what the article web sites are looking for, and use the spectator’s eyes as your own to structure a well-written article that can be enjoyed by all. If you do this, you can garner praise for your writing and attention for your business in one successful swoop—that is the best kind of transcendent feeling.

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