The Business Pro as Journalist—Magazine Articles on the Digital Landscape for Better Business

The Business Pro as Journalist—Magazine Articles on the Digital Landscape for Better Business

Magazine Articles on the Digital Landscape for Better BusinessBeyond News and Information

A lot of business pros have a daily routine. Jogging before work is one. Taking coffee and a muffin in their favorite café is another. Having scheduled online or in-person meetings is also common. But one of the most common daily routines is getting the morning news.

Everyday, news racks and web sites fill up with the latest bits of written communication about the news and events that shape our world. While some look to the news for just a quick morning update, a lot of business pros read the news for serious information about their professions. The information contained within those news sources is often crucial to the survival of their businesses.

But then one might think, “Hey, maybe I could add to this.”

This is a good thought to have. With the coming of the digital age, there has been an expansion in the need for information. To meet this growing need, more outlets for information publication have become available. Publishers, either online or in print, need material to put on the pages—material that you might have at hand.

Online business pros and marketers often overlook the power that publishing articles in magazines can have. With the right information to print, you can achieve exposure on a level that you may have never thought was possible. This can open up business potential that you never thought possible either.

Who Needs What

If you are seeking to publish articles in business magazines, you have to start thinking like a journalist. You have a skill set and a head full of knowledge of a particular area of the market—computer tips, sports information, business consultation, and more. You have to seek out the publications related to your field, specifically trade publications.

This process of magazine article submission usually requires you to do a lot of manual article submission. In this day and age, that usually means submitting queries or full articles through online article submission, and not through the mail as in the past. As well, seeking out the right magazines involves doing a bit of Internet searching or combing through magazine racks to find the top magazines suited to your field of knowledge. After that, it’s just a matter of reading the editorial or article submission guidelines to see if they are, in fact, accepting freelance material and what guidelines they require. Not adhering to these guidelines will likely result in the immediate rejection of your work.

A quick note: seek out the most professional publication possible—or in other words, a publication that pays. Professional magazines usually offer the best circulation for readership, can offer some information about you and your business, and are able to adequately compensate their contributors. Second-rate or “hack” publications often cannot do either. While you might not get rich, working to get your material into the best, most professional publication possible can mean a world of difference in terms of generating the most industry interest in what you’re doing.

Don’t Take “No” for an Answer

Writing, like doing business, is something you may have to chip at. Rejection is part of the journalist’s existence and, if you start to write for magazines, it will part of yours as well. But don’t let this get you down. Keep combing the best article submission sites and seeking out new magazines, print or digital, to submit your work to. There are many established publications already seeking work, and new ones that are even hungrier for content are cropping up all the time. There’s a magazine out there with a place for you, ready to simultaneously promote your work and generate interest in your business.

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