Surprise Superstar: A Little Can Go a Long Way with Online Article Submissions

Surprise Superstar: A Little Can Go a Long Way with Online Article Submissions

Surprise Superstar: A Little Can Go a Long Way with Online Article SubmissionsBeyond Sensation

It’s hard to be a superstar these days. The Idol shows have shown us how to manufacture stars, but not really how to keep them working as long-term entertainers. There’s a huge proliferation of digital media, which means that any sensation can come and go in a matter of seconds. The decline of media formats like analog film, vinyl records, and paper publishing means that there are now limited outlets for any sort of superstar fanbase building. It really is tough to be the next big thing.

Is this good or bad? It depends on who you ask. Perhaps some are happy for it, as they can see past the slightly negative facades of stardom. But for those more earnest people who want to create even a minor sensation to promote something for themselves that they’re proud of, it can be very hard, indeed.

Online business pros are in the same boat. Launching a new product or business online to any kind of success is a task worthy of being a movie or pop music sensation. But while it’s really hard, there are some outlets that are available.

One of the most interesting, creative, and overlooked outlets is online article submission. While some online business pros write online article submissions off as a waste of time and fruitless in regards to any financial rewards, the method has its own virtues. You can apply your own business knowledge to subjects you love and create an online sensation that will lead to greater business success.

Original Voice

The first trick to online article submission is patience. The critics can be right—you aren’t likely to gross your first dollar right away. But to take some cues from famous writers like Raymond Chandler, Philip K. Dick, and Anthony Burgess, you have to work at it. If you’re prepared to do this, a patient approach can get you started.

The second trick is finding good outlets. You need to get your work published online and exposed: this means buckling down and searching out as many article submission directories you possibly can and seeing what their content requirements are. Along with creating original articles, you have to do query letters and/or manual article submissions to editors directly; this means facing the possibility of being rejected. It’s good to check as many sources as you can, too, searching everything from web sites that want generic content to magazine article submissions for publications that want great editorial-style articles for their next issue. This will allow you to apply your creative skills to maximum effect while simultaneously developing your unique writing voice.

Going It Alone

As we’ve seen from a history of greedy industry workers in popular media, there is always the temptation to make a quick buck by manufacturing something in haste. This might work for some pop groups or toys, but in online article submission, it’s best to avoid this method. You may be tempted to pay an article writing and submission service to create content for you so you can get famous quick, but this likely won’t work for everyone.

If you are going to do online article submission, it’s best to start from scratch and with an honest approach towards doing good work. It’s true that it’s seldom an instant gold mine, but with perseverance over time, you can find yourself amassing a portfolio of work that can lead to more writing assignments from others, consulting jobs, and joint associations to create material for companies similar to yours. Most superstars fade quicker than they appeared; if you love to do articles for online business, do it with earnest conviction. You’ll end up with star power that really lasts.

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