What You Need to Know About Guest Bloggers

Worthy Contribution: The Pros and Cons of Guest Blogging

Pros and Cons of Guest BloggingFor a lot of online marketers and business professionals, blogging has proven successful. Just like online article submissions, not only can blogs act as a creative outlet, but they can also help drive online client traffic through a variety of ways. It’s also a good tool for networking within your industry.

In recent years, guest blogging has become a popular way to further promote a business and attempt to increase client traffic. However, many Internet marketers have noted there are some issues with guest blogging. That’s why it’s worth knowing the pros and cons of using guest writers for your blog.

The Risks of Guest Blogging

You might think you and other associates with blogs can simply trade content and links à la magazine article submission, you’d be mistaken.

First off, if you get requests to guest blog yourself or turn to other people to add content to your own, you risk spam issues. An overabundance of content and an unplanned linking network will reflect poorly on you with Google and the other search engines.

What’s worse is that if you get solicited to blog, you might be sending your content to low-quality or fraudulent sites, resulting in your content being marked as spam and possibly even your web site being shut down. You simply cannot allow your blog and business to run these risks.

How to Benefit from Guest Blogging

Does the above situation mean guest blogging is not viable? Of course not; it just means that you have to be tactful about it.

If you want to solicit yourself to a guest blog, you have to do your homework. Do research to determine the best article submission sites, most relevant blog communities, and best article directories related to the content you are blogging about; an online search can find this information surprisingly quickly.

In the event you want to take on a guest blogger, make sure you are hiring someone of merit with experience providing article submission services. Communicate with the writer constantly to ensure the content is well thought-out and meets necessary guidelines.

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