Overcoming Rejection: How to Optimize Your Success with Online Articles

Overcoming Rejection: How to Optimize Your Success with Online Articles

How to Optimize Your SuccessThe Rejection Slip

Getting your work rejected is painful, pure and simple. Ask writers or architects and they can likely tell you stories of having their work passed over for public presentation, with all the internal hurt that comes with it. If you’re in online business, the feeling of rejection is the same, if not more severe.

When a digital business owner embarks on using online articles as a tool to draw client attention to their business, they can fall into the rejection hole very easily. It happens a lot of ways: they don’t read the article submission guidelines that the article submission sites post, their content is not up to snuff, and/or they don’t know the necessary Internet tactics for article submission that are necessary for satisfying both the article submission sites and online business practices. Creating online articles is not the same as submitting to magazines that just want good copy—there’s a lot more to consider for the digital business owner utilizing it.

Digital business owners have to approach online article submission like they would any other business venture. They need focus and lots of elbow grease to really make it work. Online article submission isn’t all that hard, but it does take some care to master properly for your business.

Your Intentions

Sitting down to plan is still the best way to go with online article submission when you first opt to do it. This means pulling out the pad and pen, doing your writing of the content, checking for spelling and grammatical errors, and composing something for readers to learn from. Those are the fundamentals.

But there’s more: if the article submission guidelines for whatever articles submission site you are using require you to have your content optimized, then you have to find ways to insert your keyword phrases in the right places within the article body. Knowing what percentage of keyword phrases in the overall word count is important, so that the article abides by the article submission guidelines in that regard. Moreover, looking at the guidelines to see what is allowed in terms of sticking in your own business reference material—your name, company name, related web site links, etc.—is also necessary.

There’s got to be the right combination of substance in the content as well as the right style for it to be published. You have to consider both and make sure you do them to the degree that they are expected if they are to be published. Your intention must be to get your article from your page to an online screen, pure and simple.

Keeping an Eye Open

When it comes to online articles, there is the temptation to get someone to help you, or shell out for related assistance. This is all well and good, but you ought to keep an eye open for potential hazards here, of which there are a few.

You may see some online businesses advertising that they are the “best article service” and can perform a great article writing and submission service for you. This sounds great, but see if it’s true. If they don’t have any kind of track record, or have a reputation of not getting articles published, you may wish to look elsewhere or save your money by doing the writing and submitting yourself, as painful as the whole process may be.

Likewise, you may come across sites billed as the best article directories on the Internet. They are so good that they are exclusive and will charge you a hefty fee to access them as you would a Hollywood country club. Again, use caution. In the end, keeping an eye open on so-called pros of the online article writing and submission service realm can help you decide who can really help your business, save you some money, and help you learn a new skill set simultaneously. Always use your best judgment, and you will avoid rejection every time.

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