Name in Print: Gaining Online Business Exposure Thanks to Magazines

Name in Print: Gaining Online Business Exposure Thanks to Magazines

article writing and submission serviceGift for Words

Speaking is not going to happen, graphic design isn’t an option, and highfalutin media operations are out of the question. You accept that you don’t have a talent for any of those areas—but one thing you can do well is write.

Writing’s a talent; in fact, it’s a very valuable one, especially today.

Being able to write for online business is a great skill to have, and is one that can really help your business blossom in so many successful directions. You can create content for yourself and others or do some optimization work. Or you can write for magazines.

Write for magazines? “What? Really?”

In fact, yes; really. It’s a bit ironic that with the advent of digital media, publishing seems to have grown rather than died out, which is contrary to what many cynics thought would happen. The truth is that people need words, no matter which medium publishes them. Print or digital screens are essentially the same, and people need as much written content as they can get.

If you have a gift for putting words, articles, and publications together, you can access this market. There are numerous publications online and still in print that cater to your field of business’ clients, for example. Most of these publications fall into the “magazine” category and can both pay you for your submission and give you or your business some exposure. But, as always, there are some rules to abide by if you want to engage today’s magazine-reading community with your gift of words.

Publishing Predicaments

As they say: anyone can write, but only a few can get published. If you’re an online business professional who wants to write for magazines, that’s all fine and well; but you have to follow some guidelines if you want your words to see the light of day—or the light of a computer or tablet screen.

Magazine article submission is just like manual article submission—you have to do it yourself. By combing through the publications related to your business, be it jewellery or sports gear, you are bound to find magazines that cater to your business’ field. Those are the publications toward which you want to focus your magazine article submissions. Granted, there are a lot of free article submission sites out there that you can submit your article to—low-budget blogs, web sites, or print zines and publications—but there’s not much of a credential you can take away from those environments. The more professional the magazine, the better; the pros can give you wide, proper exposure, and pay you for your work, too.

What is absolutely crucial is that, once you find the magazines to which you want to submit, you understand all of the article submission guidelines that the magazines outline. Article submission guidelines are the scriptures of magazine writing. You have to follow them—right down to the formats, word counts, and query specs the editors demand. Magazine editors always need content, but they will not take material that they deem as off-subject or presented improperly. For better or worse, you have to obey the rules of the submission guidelines that each magazine requests. In the end, your article’s publication depends on it.

To the Letter of Success

Magazine article submissions can take a lot of time and can prove to be a real trial by fire to have your material published. You might be tempted along the way to farm out to an article writing and submission service to help you with this. As good as any of those services can be, they can be costly and often not as good as they promote themselves as being. In the end, you will probably be far better off going through the hard knocks of writing and publishing your magazine material on your own.

Once you start having your articles published in magazines, you will begin to build a career for yourself. Potential clients have access to a sample of your smarts and can seek you out, while magazines might take such a shine to your work that they offer you a regular writing gig. In any event, the exposure from getting published is all good. Magazine submissions in online marketing are how you get your name in print and give your business some added strength in success.

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