Inner Circles: Getting Involved with Information Services in Online Business

Inner Circles: Getting Involved with Information Services in Online Business

best article submissionIn the Know

People often feel that they aren’t hip to current events or trends. It’s actually hard to be in the know, be it stock information, athletes’ trading statuses, or what a favourite writer is working on. Information these days either flies across our eyes at lightning speed or is kept under lock and key if those in charge don’t want it revealed until they’re ready.

If you want to get up on what’s going on, especially in relation to whatever business you’re in, you have to participate a little more. This might mean joining a club or two, going to a convention, and/or getting into social situations with peers. This is all fun, but cumbersome—not everyone has the energy for getting so involved.

There’s one other way: article submissions. Information is obviously key in any industry today, and those who provide it often find themselves in demand. As an online business pro, you have, at the very least, some information to give others. This provision of information can get you into the inner circles of your field and really help to improve your business.

Doing online article submission and providing articles to other sources is the catalyst for boosting your online business. You make good connections, participate in what you know, and get in on information that you might not otherwise have access to along the way. It’s a great work-study scenario.

What You’ve Got to Say

Just because you have some information that you think is hot doesn’t mean that it is or that people even want it. You have to start by approaching the people who need information first, seeing what they want, and then getting it to them. With online article submission, though, there are some good starting points.

You need to get your material to the best possible sources, making scouring the Internet a necessity. You want to pin down the best article submission sites and, hopefully, the best article directories. These sites can tell you who needs what information for their publication(s) and the requirements they demand, including word count, key word phrase quantities, and deadlines. You will likely have to do a bit of manual article submission, so get the guidelines down pat.

Make sure not to exclude certain publications; if you want to do some trade magazine article submissions or get an editorial piece into an annual report, do so. This stuff can be great exposure for you, your information, and your business, as readers will want to know who the author is and what other things he or she knows.

Bigger Editions

Once you start to build up a reputation with solid published information, you will start to see what level of access you have to the inner circles of your online business community. Your online article submissions can lead to an invite to an informative convention at a discount price, while your magazine article submission might lead you to cover a new story that puts you face-to-face with someone who can serve as an information source. There’s also the potential invites to parties, soirees, and other various activities that can lead to networking at a level you never thought possible. If you can get in on this stuff, take advantage of it, as you never know when—or even if—you’ll be able to again.

Some film critics used their writing skills to get access to feature film scriptwriting and directing possibilities, while several journalists have used their assignments to be the foundation for great literary works. Your article submissions, along with some persistence and regular involvement in information exchange, can lead to some great, fun business opportunities. Article submissions can be your ticket to good times, excitement, and serious professional challenges that put you in the inner circle of online business. If you’ve got the information article goods, use them to their maximum.

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