The Good and Bad of Online Article Spinners

The Good and Bad of Online Article Spinners

Good and Bad of Online Article SpinnersWriter’s block doesn’t only affect writers of fiction and music; it can hit business writers as well. Luckily, unlike other types of writers, those in online business have a tool they can use when writer’s block occurs: article spinners. However, these programs have advantages and disadvantages that need to be considered.

Human Error

An article spinner is software that takes existing articles and uses a thesaurus and/or various algorithms to reword them into original content. Sometimes the thesaurus or other info sources it uses must be downloaded separately, while other versions come with the necessary database pre-installed. Do the necessary research before buying or downloading a spinner, as many are of poor quality or have a more limited pool of words to take from than other similar-priced programs.

While it may sound like article spinners do all the work, they still require human input. You’ll still have to ensure that the new article’s content is accurate, and you’ll still have to proofread it for spelling and grammatical errors—even computers can make the your/you’re mistake! And if performing manual article submission, the actual submission and determining the best article submission sites to use is still up to you. That said, a benefit of using an article spinner is that the new article will be ready to go sooner, meaning it will speed up your workflow for online article submissions, freeing you up to focus on other aspects of your business.


The above may sound too good to be true—and it sometimes is. While there are obvious advantages, article spinners also have flaws. For example, they often generate results of poor quality, and if search engines spot a badly spun article, they can shut it down fast, further hurting your chances of generating new business.

When it comes to avoiding this problem, you have two options: hiring a quality article writing and submission service or getting over your writer’s block and writing or revising the article yourself. While you may still struggle to write new content yourself, the stress beats what you would have from your article spinner failing at its duties.

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