Ghostwriting in Online Business

Ghostwriting in Online Business

Ghostwriting in Online BusinessThey say print is dying, but that doesn’t mean that writing jobs are drying up. While the Internet gives everyone a place to write, that doesn’t mean they’ll be good at it; that’s where ghostwriters come in. Ghostwriting can be a lucrative source of profit and success, especially with online business articles.

Skill Set

Besides the humility to accept your name won’t be on your work, becoming an online ghostwriter takes some specific skills. Besides the obvious traits—being a good writer, proper spelling and grammar, etc.—you’ll also increase your success by showing yourself as adaptable to a variety of topics and being able to always meet deadlines. Quality communication and research skills will also help your chances.

Knowledge of the online submission and publication processes is also useful. Are you familiar with manual article submission and how to meet article submission guidelines? What article submission web sites should you use? This is all useful information that will make you look more qualified and professional.

Sell Yourself

To get work as a ghostwriter, you’re going to need a quality portfolio of your previous work. Research the company you’re seeking work from and tailor your writing samples about topics related to their business. Also present them with ideas for future content, such as the top 10 article directories if you’re looking to do magazine article submissions for a tech publication.

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