Getting to the Core of Article Submission Success

Getting to the Core of Article Submission Success

Article Submission GuidelinesAddressing the Critics

If you do a Google search on techniques for online business success, you will find your typical pages of advice—search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, social media optimization. But somewhere at the bottom of the list you’ll find article submission sites. The reason why these sites are so low on the list is that they don’t always get the highest ratings from the online business analysts.

There are some good reasons for this criticism. There are a lot of online article sites out there, but only a handful are the best article submission sites. With a surplus of content on the World Wide Web, it can be hard to generate new client interest from content alone—plus, it’s pretty arduous. Doing manual article submission is tough, and, for the effort you put in, it’s tough to get the returns.

However, all is not a lost cause in article submissions; online article submissions do have some potential. With the frequent and consistent submission of good quality article content to the audience who needs it, there is the possibility of building up a reputation and an end result of business success online. It may not be thunderous success, but it can be a way to regularly bring people to your web site, generate interest in your product, and offer further information and influence for your client base in the future.

Online article submission is really an outgrowth of the information age, where people need really good information in a pinch. Once you’re part of this age and you are offering quality information, you can build yourself a good pedestal of success. It just takes some work.

Finding the Matrix

Getting to the core of any and all online article submission success is twofold: finding the best article submission sites to expose your work and carefully following the article submission guidelines to be published correctly. These two routes are what are necessary if you have any intention of cracking the online article market—and, of course, having good content.

As mentioned earlier, you have to have the best article submission sites at hand or at least have access to the best online directories you can find. This does take some research, but bookmark the good ones once you find them. These ones come with top ratings and can provide good exposure for your articles online.

The article submission guidelines are the Bible for online article submission. You have to follow them to get your articles published. There might be content restrictions, word count specs, and, perhaps most important, distinct areas where you can stick in backlinks to your web site or references to your other material. That last part is of great value to you—having a good, informative article is fine, but there has to be some promotional angles to showcase more of your work and stimulate the public’s mind to what you do, and the article submission site has to provide an arena to assist clients in seeking you out. Note these guidelines when searching your submission sites and which ones have an outlet for you to bring clients back to your business location online.

Alternative to the Alternative

Let’s say the critics are right and article submission sites stink—so don’t bother with them. But does this mean that all of the good content you’d like to share and use to promote your work is a waste? Of course not.

Seeking out trade magazines related to your business to do magazine article submissions is one good way to still work in the article format. In fact, you might attract a lot of good attention from magazines. But make sure to research which publications are the best, and appease the submission guidelines with strict attention. In the end, if you get to the core of article submissions, you are bound to find a creative and lucrative outlet for your work.

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