Getting that Article of Success from the Guidelines

Getting that Article of Success from the Guidelines

Article GuidelinesIt’s two in the morning. Your spouse is demanding that you come to bed, but you’re up on that last pot of coffee. Your computer is blinking its virus renewal program at you, but you just cancel it out. You are shaking, sweating, fidgeting, blinking. Your thoughts are coming to you and you are trying to pull them out of your head the way you think they should. You demand that extra bit of time to continue, no matter what others say to you.

The activity: writing.

Writing is the one activity that almost anyone can do. Some do it better than others, but if you know the alphabet and some idea of grammar, you can write. When that creative urge hits you, sometimes it’s a flurry of getting ink onto the page or the typed words into a digital document. You can’t stop and enjoy the high it gives you as you compose words madly.

But the question is: what do you do with it once you are done?

If you are a literary type—poetry, fiction, etc.—you have to get your stuff off to an editor of a magazine for publication. If you are researching a paper, you have to get it to your thesis advisor. But if you are business pro, you start to wonder what you are going to do with all of this written business content. Then it hits you. Put it all into articles. Get them online or sell them to a publication. You get great information out there and bring clients to your business. It’s a great plan and a fun activity to boot.

Well, once you get to this stage, you have to pull in the reins a bit. Doing business articles today is great, but it requires some work, especially if you are going into the realm of online article submission. Since there are so many out there today on the digital frontier, you have to adhere to some rules beforehand.

There are a lot of article submission sites out there online. You have to comb through all of them to see which ones are the best article submission sites for you and your business—i.e. does their article backlog have material similar to what you are writing about? There are online article directories, too, but again, you need the best online article directories to see which article submission sites within the directory are for you. There are a lot of e-zine sites, blogs, and then more professional article submission sites, so be sure to check them all out.

With the article submission sites you have to adhere to the aforementioned guidelines. This is where you have to apply some of your knowledge of online mark-ups and tagging plus search engine optimization (SEO) material. A lot of sites will mention which mark-up tags are allowed within the body of the content, while others will specify where you can insert links in your content for your company’s web site. Keywords and SEO come into play, as you may be instructed on how many times you can repeat keywords and phrases. And do not forget about the part where you can put in a little about yourself/your company in the form of a short biography. Most article submission sites have this, so be sure to use it. Having two to three good, professional statements about yourself in the third person, plus one to three links to your company’s web site(s), can take people back to the source of what they just read and whet their appetites for more great information.

It sounds so trivial at this stage, but before doing anything in online article submission, make sure that your article is top-notch. The content of it must be relevant and the grammar must be perfect. The best article submission sites do examine the content they are submitted and, if it isn’t up to standard, it will be rejected. Online article submission is a process that can be fun, but it should always be treated with pride. Creative urges and potential business success so seldom go hand-in-hand, so live up to the standards that are demanded of you. You’ll be proud later.

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