Follies and Fact-Checking: The Problems with Online Articles, and How to Overcome Them

Follies and Fact-Checking: The Problems with Online Articles, and How to Overcome Them

top 10 article directoriesThe Fun and the Fallout

If you’ve ever seen your name in print, you understand the rush it gives you. Whether you did a sports column for your high school newspaper or your name is John Irving, and you see your name on the book jacket in the bookstore window, or, on the poster for the film adaptation of your work, for that matter… In either situation, it’s invigorating to see your name in printed letters, representing your ideas and insights. Writing and the sense of accomplishment it brings are great. Writing is a fun activity, and one of the few you can do alone to your own specifications.

However, fun isn’t without fallout. The famous writers, such as Tennessee Williams, Jack London, and F. Scott Fitzgerald, had periods where they were not the critics’ darling they once were. Today, a lot of people invest a lot of money in writing programs, only to realize they do not have what it takes to do the writing work they dream of. And often, the great copywriters often lose their ability to connect with the public, falling by the wayside. Writing is a great experience, but it is not without potential problems for some.

If you’re in digital business, the stories of woe alluded to above are worth noting. No doubt, you are involved in some sort of writing arena for your online business material. Like it or not, you have to be aware of the fallout that can happen when you start doing business writing, especially with online articles. Too often, business pros today savor their time writing their article content, but then see their articles either fall into obscurity, or get rejected outright for publication. This is where you have to focus less on the fun element of writing and more on your knowledge of online article writing.

Common Follies—a Breakdown

When you are writing your online articles, you are at your best. You know the topic you are writing about, and can create a short piece of information for the public about it. But, then comes the tricky part—the part where things go wrong.

Right off the bat, online entrepreneurs mess up when they don’t meet the basic criteria of online article submissions. They aren’t looking for places in their content to put the keyword phrases that should be used in one’s regular web site content. This prevents articles from being found in online searches. Many entrepreneurs also don’t read the article submission guidelines from the article submission web sites they are submitting to. In the end, they get rejected either because their article content doesn’t match the material being sought after by the article submission web site, or because they did not follow the submission process properly.

Don’t let any of this happen to you. When you write an article, enjoy yourself, but ensure that your content is relevant, optimized, and submitted correctly. Your article(s) can mean the difference between getting and not getting new client traffic. Treat your piece as if it were gold.

Where Homework Pays Off

You can save yourself many of the headaches due to problems in online article submissions by doing homework beforehand. Putting aside a couple of hours to explore the Internet to find the best article directories possible for the article content you are producing saves time and hassle later. Going a step further and narrowing your search down to the top 10 article directories is even better. These are places that you can submit to again and again, building up a reputation for yourself over time. As mentioned earlier, getting all the article submission guidelines down pat is crucial, even if you have to make a note of them on the pad beside your computer, or save them to your browser. Again, it’s about saving time when doing online article submissions.

With online articles, you are building a reputation for yourself. If you love creating online articles, you simply have to follow a few rules, and do a bit of extra work to make them work for you. Your words are representative of you, so make your articles models for the quality you stand by with your business.

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