Being a Magazine Article Business Superstar

Being a Magazine Article Business Superstar

So what’s your title? “Sports Illustrated”? “Esquire”? Maybe “Home and Garden Monthly”? There is likely that special magazine publication that you’ve read over the years to get the latest news, maybe some gossip or humour, or even collect over time. Be it about extreme sports or digital photography, magazines are an integral part of our communicative lives.

A few years back, magazines were seen as going the same route as the Dictaphone and the electric typewriter. That is that would become obsolete and people would either be getting their favorite new information from all electronic sources or the TV. Paper magazines would become a fragment of history.

Well, this is partly true. The publishing industry has undergone massive changes and moved away from a more material paper format. But magazines have not died out and they likely won’t. They be more on screens than glossy paper, but they are certainly not going extinct. They’ve just changed their colors a bit.

What’s more: they need content. Lots of it.

More than ever, people need information on today’s world. Sure the nightly news and college text books are handy in their own right, but magazines are still fun, informative, and totally portable no matter their format. And their survival depends on what material they have to publish. That’s where you come in.

As an independent business person, magazines offer you a platform of exposure that you might not get any place else. Since so many people read them, your presence in them will allow you to attract a broader client base and generate more success for your business.

Some people think magazines are only written by professional writers and celebrity authors, but most of them are written by common people who enjoy writing and, in a way, want to promote themselves and their work. Why shouldn’t you be part of this? By doing magazine article submission, you can get your work and your business promoted to a wide audience while being compensated for it.

It’s true you must have some skills as writer if you want to use magazine article submission as a business development tool. If this is troubling, take some time to examine the magazines, both in print and online, to see what kind of formats they use in terms of article structure, grammar, and information and to help shape your own articles. The writing part can be fun, but make sure you have a direction in your writing and what message you want to convey to the reader. Write and re-write, again and again, until it’s letter perfect.

Next comes the actual magazine article submission part. Do some searching and get the submission addresses from magazines. Most have one department to accept articles. Note that most are online and you should be savvy with writing the article electronically and submitting it via e-mail as an attachment.

Sometimes, before you even get in on magazine article submission, you should query the editor. Magazine article submission can be done by anyone, but that doesn’t mean that anyone is going to get published. Editors are looking for specific content for their magazines. In order for you to see if you get make a magazine article submission, send the editor a polite, well written query about what you want to submit with a direct pitch to them. You may have to get a template online for this to see what language to use. You may also have to send more than one query to the same editor to get their attention as they are busy folks. But do this anyway. All of these tactics will help get your submission published.

Once you get published, you have one last task in getting all media copies of the article. Magazine articles can act as their own testimonial toward your business and you can use them to help show how others have recognized your knowledge. This can lead to more opportunities for magazine article submission, potential clients seeking you out, and even an offer of a business partnership. After some time, you might see how magazine article submission isn’t just a one time gig and that it can lead to other future opportunities.

Media might change, but magazines aren’t dead. Far from it. They are alive and well, providing the masses with information. If you get in on magazine article submission, you will see how it will make you stand out in the communication field and lead to more independent business success.

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